People keep asking about this page, and I haven't had time to make it yet, so in the meantime here's an e-mail on the topic I recently wrote to someone:

You didn't say how old your glider is, but there are some ages when they're really hard to tame. "Teenage" gliders are the worst, and I guess second worst are adults who have never been tamed.

Anyway, here's my favorite way; it's easier on both you and the glider. Buy or make a cloth pouch with a drawstring top and a string long enough to go around your neck. Put it in her cage for her to use as a nest. Then during the daytime when she's sleeping, take the bag out with her in it, close the top, and hang her around your neck, preferably inside of your shirt, and just let her sleep there. I call it "subliminal taming" because while she's sleeping she's smelling you and feeling you and hearing you, and when she's awake you won't seem quite as strange and scary because she's been getting used to you without even knowing it. Also, it's a lot less stressful for both of you than chasing her around the cage trying to catch her! As she gets more used to it, you can hold the pouch in your hands, and maybe even eventually just hold her in your hand as she sleeps, without the pouch.

In the evening when she's awake, don't push too hard or fast. If she's still not comfortable with having you hold her, leave her in the cage at first and let her get used to you being nearby. After a while she will learn that your hands in the cage are what brings her food, and she'll be more comfortable with having you around, especially if you're using the pouch in the daytime. Leave your hands in the cage longer as she gets more comfortable with you, and then start offering her little treats and see if she'll come and take them from your fingers. When she gets brave enough, she'll even come and climb on your hand to get her treat. Then you're ready to try working on having her out of the cage.

Tha main thing is, just go slow and easy and be very very patient. It will pay off in the end. :)

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