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 Nicknames for your glider(s)?

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TnS_glider_luv Posted - Feb 18 2009 : 06:31:26 PM
Do you ever give nicknames to your gliders? I have two males, Tristan and Stormy. I sometimes call Tristan "Tris" or "Trissy". Stormy was bought later, and since he was younger than Tristan I'd refer to them as "Tristan and the baby". (In my mind, they're considered step-brothers. ) Occasionally I call either of them honey or "brat" depending on the situation. Anyone else want to share?
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Song3 Posted - Nov 20 2020 : 08:04:34 PM
I have 4 gliders my first pair I got last November around this time they were 12 weeks old I really enjoy them and then I got my second pair in June of this year they were 3 years old they can be difficult. The first 2 gliders are Stitch and Leroy they are the classic greys and really funny they like to curl their tales over their backs the other 2 are Crabby and shush, shush is very quiet and doesn't say much and Crabby is the one that is always voicing his opinion in more ways that one. Leroy is the adventurous(sp) one and was the first one to jump from the cage to me only he ended up on my face instead that was surprising, Stitch is the quiet one that likes to curl up in my left shirt pocket, although now he is starting to jump from the cage onto me it has only taken a year for him to do this. as for Crabby and Shush it will take a while i think to get them to trust me although they will take treats from me and then run to the back of the cage and eat it. Crabby and Shush are mosaics, they are cream colored with gray highlights and Shush has a gray under coat on his back which is easy to tell them apart lol as for the classic greys the only way i can tell them apart is one likes his tail stocked and it isn't as fluffy as Leroys well enough for now. Love the little fuzz butts
BatGirl Posted - Jan 27 2020 : 07:18:14 PM
First is my mom, Piper, who's a growler/biter ...
"Pipe-Down Piper!"
Second is my neutered dad, Aerrow, who's just my cool laid-back man...
"Hello Aerrow"
Finally is my little baby girl, the daughter, Starling, who's just a darling...
"Darling Starling"

Here's Looking at you Kid...
newglidermom19 Posted - May 28 2019 : 11:50:27 PM
Hi Im new how is everyone

I thought this was totally cute

I have the twins - Spanky - aka spaz pants and then buckwheat - bucky or bucky boo boo

the ollder brother is froggy - aka grouchy pants

collectively I call them silly boys or crabby crew lol
The Saurus Posted - Feb 28 2019 : 07:16:57 PM
I call my two Gliders my "Buddies," or my "Little Buddies."
Gizmo is my "Evil Buddy,"
and Braylee is my "Sweet Buddy." I think you can guess why...
Adeebdee6964 Posted - Feb 21 2019 : 02:46:48 PM
I sometimes call them "suggies" because I chose short names for them all,(like, Echo, Nova, Luna, Zoomy, Badger, Cocoa, Roxy, etc.) so I can't give them nicknames x3
Emily Holcombe Posted - Nov 18 2018 : 01:46:48 AM
I only have my bubbie. He sometimes goes to work with me. One customer see's I have a pocket T-shirt on and says "hey peanut", bubbie jumps out and goes right to him. I have no idea why but he does. Another customer calls him bat. Again out of my pocket right to him. Sometimes I call him monster boy. He doesn't crab or bite. He just loves everyone and the attention he gets. Of course they give him the occasional treats they know he can have.
Bannana97 Posted - Jul 11 2018 : 11:36:14 PM
I call mine the babies. the only one that has a nick name is abigael which hers is abbie. knar and Susie are just called by their names :) And our Joey doesn't really have a name yet. He's only a week oop
Riconlilomommy Posted - Jan 20 2018 : 01:30:01 PM
My lil boy Rico is affectionately called Rico Suave, and Lilo is Li-Li or my little Li-Li. Together they are my loves#128157;
Wishes Posted - Dec 01 2017 : 02:03:31 PM
Mostly I just call wishes cute.
He cocks his head to the side when I say it
I'm sure he thinks that's his name
or the kissy noise I make when I have a treat

I think he hates his name when my husband calls him from the pouch he always crabs I think it's the "ss" at the end
or he hates my husband Lol
Coral and Sparky Posted - Nov 05 2017 : 03:21:40 PM
I call 'em 'the girls'
Coral is Coralini the Genie and Sparky is Sparkster or Sparkie Pop
Megs06 Posted - Jul 27 2010 : 05:54:20 AM
Ohana is my brat, Priss is my lil lady, or my angel, and Tempo is my princess. Sometimes I call them 'sugar; or 'sugar babies'. Or just baby/babies.
CrashersFuzzybutt Posted - Jul 27 2010 : 05:22:56 AM
Cocco's nickname is "My other girlfriend"
Amyrw Posted - Feb 06 2010 : 08:00:10 PM
I have Meika and Malila. If I am talking to both of them together I just call them "girls", like I'll say "Hey baby girls". Meika doesn't really need a nickname because it is short as it is. It is pronounced "Meeka". Malila I figure will end up being called Lila because my son is having a hard time saying her name correctly, also my boyfriend can't say her name and he ended up calling her Mila. Oh well, I know their names and thats what matters because they are my lil girls. :)
shelbyxgore Posted - Jan 24 2010 : 07:23:57 PM
Mines name is Juju-bear, I call her, Bear, baby, Juju, Ju, and snuzzy.
Binkys mom Posted - Jan 09 2010 : 07:07:29 PM
oh, when the babies were in the pouch i called them the peanuts :)
Binkys mom Posted - Jan 09 2010 : 07:05:12 PM
we call tink- big fat tinky tinky, pixie- pixa flix or fweeks, binky- binky boy or binks; when i talk about them i say the kids. my husband calls them monkies....
fergline Posted - Jan 05 2010 : 07:12:33 PM
Originally posted by Mom2MandG

Mine are Mav and Gooseie. Babies collectively or monkeys or fuzz butts. They aren't brothers (I don't think) but I will ask one if I don't see the other "where is your brother".

i refer to the missing one as "your adoptive brother" lol
Mom2MandG Posted - Jan 05 2010 : 05:22:20 PM
Mine are Mav and Gooseie. Babies collectively or monkeys or fuzz butts. They aren't brothers (I don't think) but I will ask one if I don't see the other "where is your brother".
Mrpianowizard Posted - Jan 04 2010 : 07:09:04 AM
I call Tazz, Tazz Tazz, yes that's even longer lol or Tazzy
Ferret_Freak Posted - Jan 03 2010 : 11:14:11 PM
Im one of those people who refuses to re-name anything you know if it lready has a name I hate changing it and I got my gliders from a guy that im pretty sure had a daughter that named the glider so her name is Montana and we call her anna and so did they so her name is Anna Montana lol
fergline Posted - Jan 02 2010 : 09:05:02 AM
ooooh i have soooo many for krumm!! krumm-kins, krumm-believable (from a salad cheese commercial heh), krummy, cranky krumm, i call him krumm (with an arnold swatzneigger (spelling?) accent)....the list goes on and on!

i mainly just call them my little men :)
PW Posted - Dec 16 2009 : 06:08:13 PM
We call Snickerz Snicker Doodles, and Twix Crab A#@, lol
Mrpianowizard Posted - Dec 16 2009 : 05:22:22 PM
I call Gizmo "Gizz" or "Gizgo" lol I know kind weird.
I call Rocky since I only got him last week and havent really called him anything but his name lol
bobnzoey Posted - Dec 16 2009 : 08:46:15 AM
mines name is lizzy and my husband calls her his flying rat and i call her baby doll and sweetheart and then my cats name is son named him and i call him boobear cuz he can be very cranky sometimes lol
Goldwinger Posted - Dec 15 2009 : 09:04:35 PM
I have no nicknames individually for my gliders. They are Lucas, Cosmo, Jack, Luna and Milk Dud.

Collectively when I talk about them their nickname as a whole is "Sugar Lickers".

So everywhere we go, to the zoo, the pet store, etc. I say every animal I see looks like a Sugar Licker. My children and hubby get a kick out of it. When I go to wake them up at night instead of calling them by their names I'll say something like, "wake up my little sugar lickers" or something along that matter. I barely ever call them by their individual names anymore, they are all my "Sugar Lickers" and I love them.
MandyMae Posted - Dec 15 2009 : 06:18:40 PM
My little guy is named Auggie but we call him August Rush, Mr. MeAuggie, and Aug.
I'm getting two more little joeys, so it'll be fun to see what I come up with there. (:
mhannum07 Posted - Sep 11 2009 : 07:13:13 PM
Oh but I forgot... I call my ferret Bella my "Stinkin Mink" haha, or Bells, Busy Belle, Sneaky Snake, haha. She's got all kinds of funnies!

My dad calls his dog "Roo" and his real name is Pepsi, wtf? lol
filly47 Posted - Sep 09 2009 : 07:22:56 PM
I call Wavern, Little Girl or Wave/Waves/Wavy, and I used to warn her when I was turning on a light by saying Light (pause) Wave, although I realized that it sounded like Lightwave lol!
mhannum07 Posted - Sep 09 2009 : 09:50:20 AM
I call mine my "Girl Squirrels" Haha. Or the occasional "BeBe's!"

I have Luna and Star and they don't have any nicknames per-se yet. Sometimes I call Star "Star-Star."
gray_Fox_forever Posted - Jul 08 2009 : 10:49:31 AM
Ive got two gliders, Squirrley and Buster. Ive had squirrley over a year now and i had to name him after his personality.... I call him Nut, bud, and the little bastard, its an inside joke lol. I named Buster because when i first got him, he kept nipping at my fingertips, and out of instinct i say hey you buster! So it stuck after that. Part of it was because my parents would call us kids Buster Browns when we were being smart arses lol. But Besides calling him Buster, its also Bud, sweetie, sweetheart, cuz man this man loves to cuddle!!! and i call him the cuddle monster lol!