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 Where did you get your sugar gliders?

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scoutandmiko Posted - Feb 12 2012 : 01:03:47 PM
Hi! I havent been here in a while. (i still dont have sugar gliders but probably soon) This has probably been done before but where did you get your sugar gliders? Did you get them from a breeder? Or maybe a petstore? Comment where you got them!
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Holly n Clover Posted - Jul 19 2018 : 09:28:52 AM
Off of the Pet Glider
Two twin Black beauty's both females
I also got all their stuff off of here
E_stuckey Posted - May 10 2018 : 12:27:05 PM
Purchased both of mine from S&S exotics breeders.
Find them at an exotic expo in nashville where j purchased my first and then ordered and received my second via airline shipping (came nuetered for additional $25)
Both in excellent health per my local vet.

Purchased my mosaic white at a steal of $250
And my white faced blonde/white tip for $200
RajasMa Posted - Jul 29 2015 : 12:19:27 AM
I miss my gliders so much... I want to get more ....
pikachoo and sqirrel Posted - Jul 27 2015 : 11:09:16 PM
I got mine off of bokoo for 200$ for 2 sugar gliders a cage and some food
jdching Posted - Jul 19 2015 : 01:38:20 PM
My two girls came from Pocket Pets, and my two boys were given to me because my ex's pair had joeys. All boys are now neutered
ibeaswtpx3 Posted - Jul 18 2015 : 04:36:22 PM
I am getting my joys bro and brawn from Priscilla at the pet glider. She is fantastic. When I called to talk to someone was not expecting to be calling her cell phone. The Priscilla price answered and she has taken the time to work with me on a buget. I therefor make payments when I can and my boys will be here on united airlines on August the 7th. She has answered all my questions and concerns and she is even willing to introduce your joys to each other so you don't have to bond them together too. Her prices are awesome aS well. With boys she includes neutering if you choose to do that. And all gliders are guaranteed to arive to you safely. Search her. Read her reviews. I don't think I've read one bad thing about this breeder.
sugargliderlover4 Posted - Jun 08 2013 : 06:20:03 PM
I got mine from Craigslist from someone that was feeding them a very bad diet!! I think Craigslist is a great place to get gliders, if you are aware of scammers.
karensink Posted - Apr 25 2013 : 04:01:22 PM
4 of mine came from CL, 1 from a hobby breeder on FB, 1 from a breeder here on GG, 1 given to me because he was mean (somebody must have tormented him, he is so sweet, one of the few who pops out of his pouch to look for me(and treats) when he hears my voice) and then there have been some

there are some that i have rehomed that were given to me and some retired breeders that i found a great home for (Danmarie here on GG)
meowenstien Posted - Apr 09 2013 : 08:58:35 PM
A girl I go to school with has 4 gliders. She had two joeys come OOP with no intention of keeping them. I had already been doing research and purchased a cage, in hopes of finding a breeder, when she put up a post on Facebook looking for "anyone who was interested". I jumped at the opportunity and got a hold of her ASAP. She was thrilled to find someone who was knowledge about gliders. (I live in Wyoming, where suggie slaves are scattered and few)
Soon we met up and I brought home my two grey girls at about 2.5 months old. FREE OF CHARGE! I was very lucky. :P
Lola03 Posted - Apr 08 2013 : 11:21:57 AM
Kloe came from a family on CL as a 10wk Joey. Barnibus came from a girl on CL at a year and a half old. Hope rose came from a rescue. Mila came from a lady on CL who purchased her at PP and couldn't care for her anymore. Gizmo is Kloe and barni's Joey ;) and doing amazing. PeriWinkle, tinkerbell, bobble, rumble, and queen clarion came from a family who moved and couldn't have them in thier new place they are all really sweet.
Omis n Kais g-ma Posted - Apr 08 2013 : 10:52:29 AM
On a cat Sleighr? Don't you think thats dangerous for the glider?
sleighr Posted - Apr 07 2013 : 09:12:23 PM
we got our first pair from what most folk would call a hobby breeder. she knew her stuff though, we still feed the chow recipie she gave us and the kids are still fine. Got two more from another gal off CL.
Omis n Kais g-ma Posted - Apr 07 2013 : 08:58:31 PM
Omi and Kai from a local breeder. Gypsy was a rehome from a woman close by. Maya was a Craigslist rehome and Mia was a stowaway from an airline.
Sam13 Posted - Apr 07 2013 : 08:50:03 PM
We got our babies from a couple who got theirs from two different breeders and have allowed them to breed just enough to provide their adult children with a pair as well. We got our two, who were originally thought of as boys, because their live-in daughter's had recently passed but her heart was set on another girl, hence us getting the boys. We have since learned that Atreyu is actually a little girl
We spent a little over an hour in their home discussing their care and our preparations as well as handling their parents and then them.
kittygirl28 Posted - Apr 06 2013 : 10:11:16 PM
I got my suggie from a college student on craigslist, I don't she really knew what shew as doing though. She was feeding the poor stuff that really weren't beneficial for sugar gliders and she was keeping her in a very small bird cage that was also rusty.
tennyceebrook Posted - Apr 06 2013 : 09:58:54 PM
We got our Joey's(Nibbles and Sassy) from Sugar Glider Alley At the Great Smoky Flea Market. This was the best place I had ever seen. The owner talked to me for over 2 hours and This placed was packed with people. I was really impressed by all the information and time she shared with me. There was another place in the same market called Sugar Gliders are US that I tried to ask questions to and they didn't know anything and they were very rude. My Gliders are now 6 years old and I still visit every chance I get. I have used the food they sell and along with other things they recommend my gliders are very healthy and happy. A lot of people have a misconception of flea markets and yes there are some really bad ones, but this is a great place. I send all my friends to Them for Gliders. I counted up and altogether, friends and family, we own 87 gliders and they are all healthy and they all came from Sugar Glider Alley. So thank you guys, we all love you.
Farns Posted - Feb 13 2012 : 12:55:20 PM
Our first two came from Sugar Glider Alley in TN which is probably a bad place to go but ours are still doing okay and have had 7 joeys and six are still living and well. We re-homed our three other girls from a former active member of this site who had too much with school, home, gliders, etc. and we drove from VA to IN to pick them up. I know one of the three came from a breeder in Nashville, TN but unsure as to the other two.
fox0r Posted - Feb 12 2012 : 08:39:18 PM
I got my trio from Craigslist from people that didn't take very good care of them. Samson and Delilah were just bred, bred, and bred, and they had a joey with them, who I called Joey. :D I got Samson and Joey fixed shortly after we got them.. but it turns out Delilah had one IP, so I ended up with a quad.

Winnie and Rose I got from a breeder, I also am getting a male next month from a breeder and then will start breeding myself!
Magdals Posted - Feb 12 2012 : 03:09:49 PM
I don't have mine yet, but they are coming from a breeder. We are just waiting until they are old enough to home home with me :)
hypnotist321 Posted - Feb 12 2012 : 03:07:57 PM
I was considering a new rescue of ??? kind and just happened by an add - someone had these little guys that were passed from home to home to home, breed and people would keep the joeys and pass off the mom and dad again - never bonded. I felt bad for the little guys (at this point had never even heard of or seen a glider before). But I had to take them in. HAD to.

So - I planned the several hour drive, made a withdraw from the bank and off I went to get my first babies :-) That was in June of last year. Since then, although I got the male neutered asap, I have 3 more. And I've never been able to stop buying toys. I think I have a problem :-(
Twist-n-ShoutsMom Posted - Feb 12 2012 : 01:45:53 PM
I bought mine from craigslist.