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T O P I C    R E V I E W
RaverBob Posted - Dec 23 2012 : 01:24:39 PM
Do you have other pets in your home? Comment and elaborate.
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Fructose Posted - Sep 02 2018 : 03:10:39 PM
I have a pretty big collection aka zoo, for two reasons:
1. I take in animals that my landlord finds abandoned by tenants moving out. There are about 200 apartments in my building so it happens more often than you'd think. This is how I ended up with two gliders yesterday.
2. I'm disabled, it's been almost 10 years since I last worked. I have no family or friends, I'm pretty isolated despite living in a big city. So, the pets keep me busy, provide company, keep me on a schedule, and give me a sense of purpose. I live on a private long term disability so I have a bit of extra income to spend on them.

The List:
- two gliders, just rescued yesterday. I don't know much about them, I think one is female and the other is male. They are standard grey colour.
- Four cats. Two are Sphynx, one is Siamese and the last one is a huge grey tabby from a shelter.
- Two dogs. One is a 13 year old blue merle Chihuahua, the other is a goofy Jack Russel/Pug mix, white with rings around her eyes. Both are rescues.
- Budgies. Two are disabled by severe splay leg so they have their own cage with ramps instead of perches. Five were rescues, abandoned by a tenant and they live in a big aviary cage. One is an English budgie who recently lost her mate.
- Rabbits. Currently I have four, in two separate pens. All are neutered. They range in size from Flemish giant (size of a small dog) to Netherland dwarf (half the size of a cat). I keep them away from my gliders because I read that rabbits can carry a virus that is deadly for gliders.
- Guinea pigs. I ended up with the piggies because I was adopting a rabbit and the owner told me at the last minute that her bunny has always lived with the piggy and I agreed to take him. Rabbits should not be kept with guinea pigs for the pigs' safety, so I had to get a second pig and house the pair separately from the rabbits.
- Diamond doves. Tiny, elegant doves the size of a budgie, my pair just finished raising one baby and are back on the nest again.
- Zebra finches - two fawns, two whites and a lone fawn male
- Parrotlet - I call him Gadget because he makes busy whirring and clicking sounds when he's playing. Likes to ride around on my head tugging my hair.
- Canary - crested Gloster canary who looks like he's got a bowl cut. Sings a very beautiful, trilling bubbling song.
- Button quail - the tiniest quail species, one can fit in the palm of your hand. They lay edible eggs every day, I boil them and give them back to the birds, shell and all. I'm going to try them on my gliders too. I keep them at the bottom of my larger bird cages, where they clean up dropped seeds (they also get their own food).
- Coturnix (Japanese) quail - They're about the size of a softball. They lay eggs that are covered with dark brown splotches. Their eggs are more nutritious than chicken eggs, with less fat and cholesterol. I eat them in stir frys or salads, and I also feed them to the birds. People eat the quail too but I'm vegetarian.
- Pac man frog - Moe was another abandoned pet. He's a big fat albino.
- Cane toads - male and female. The famous Australian invasive species. They are legal as pets here in Canada because they can't survive Canadian winters.
- Jewelled lacerta - this is a European lizard that looks similar to a monitor lizard, but a lot smaller. They have beautiful peacock blue and green scales which look like Indian bead work. The males have blue rosettes on their sides, which glow in UV light. They eat insects and greens.
- Hermit crabs. I'm not sure how many I have right now because several are buried under the sand molting. They are often left behind in apartments.
- Fish tanks. I have a nano tank with neon tetras, snails and a betta fish. Next I have a bigger brackish tank with mixed species of fish and nerite snails. Finally there's Pudgy the Puffer's Domain, a marine tank with one big fat green spotted puffer (because he'll attack anything else).

Ballistic_Glider Posted - Sep 01 2018 : 08:45:04 PM
An 8 year old guinea pig and 2 big dogs!
Holly n Clover Posted - Jul 19 2018 : 11:22:42 AM
One grey tabby cats
two newfoundland rabbits
Two black beauty Suggies
Tabbie Posted - Feb 07 2018 : 05:55:11 PM
10 gliders starting from 1st to last Alexander, elysia, Arsenal, speedy, daredevil, ivy, charlie, sweet dee, fluffy, Drusilla!
2 cats Bravery and Nala
1 skinny pig joe
1 Syrian hamster caliban
Riconlilomommy Posted - Jan 28 2018 : 07:19:23 AM
OK so I have four hamsters, two Syrian, two roborovski dwarfs, a herd of six guinea pigs, four beautiful house rabbits, two Holland lops and two Netherland dwarfs and my two gliders! Love them all so much!
Tabbie Posted - Jan 27 2018 : 02:04:12 PM
8 gliders(soon to be more) Elysia, Alexander, speedy, arsenal, daredevil, ivy, sweet dee, and Charlie.
1 skinny pig, joe.
1 Syrian hamster, Calliban
2 cats, Nala and Bravery
Tabbie Posted - Jan 20 2018 : 07:16:22 PM
I have 8 gliders, 2 cats, 1 hamster, 1 skinny pig.
Roseistaken Posted - Mar 31 2017 : 01:42:33 AM
I have two dogs, 5 cats, a gerbil, a turtle, and one adorable sugar glider named Rupert. I also have a tank full of tropical fish.
chelseacreature Posted - Oct 17 2016 : 08:14:06 PM
I have four sugar gliders, three cats, two pitbulls, a minuature schnauzer, and two yellow belly sliders.
Samoya Posted - Oct 17 2016 : 06:13:13 PM
I have a dog, 2 cats, 3 rabbits, and my 3 suggies
Minadog77 Posted - Sep 11 2016 : 08:32:43 PM
In my house there is 2 dogs, 2 suggies, 2 beardies, a crested gecko, a ball python and a pacman frog. also a few fish tanks.
pikachoo and sqirrel Posted - Jul 27 2015 : 11:13:14 PM
I have 2 sugar glider boys, a girl pitbull(dog), a leopard gecko, 2 large shark fish and a sucker fish
Mila Posted - Jun 25 2015 : 10:45:25 PM
I have 4 cats, a dog and 2 gliders.
Bishiglomper Posted - Jun 25 2015 : 08:33:37 PM
So all you people with cats and dogs and stuff... any problems with them being around your gliders? Like having the cage in the same room. Not personally with your gliders..

No gliders yet, but I have 3 cats, 1 old chihuahua, and 4 hermit crabs.
mallory_em4 Posted - Sep 04 2014 : 01:22:33 AM
In the house (we have 3 couples living in) me and my fiance have 2 sugar Gliders and 2 chinchillas, his brother/brothers fiance have 1 lovebird, 1 dog, 1 hedgehog, a few fish. .. its a busy house (but very clean lol)
shannonlcorum Posted - Dec 29 2013 : 10:31:29 PM
2 suggies--Liam and Willow
1 cat--Maine Coon Mix--Titus or Terrible T, we call him TT for short
1 outdoor dog--chow--Aysia
2 lionhead rabbits--Dingo and Dango
1 gerbil--Whiskey

I have a small zoo. I should charge admission for petting. Except for Aysia, she'd try to eat people. Typical chow chow.
Breanna428 Posted - Dec 29 2013 : 09:01:18 PM
Two gliders maybe one or two ip. And three dogs one male black german shepherd and a male and female mastiff:) huge already love my doggies and my suggies:)
Minnesota Zoo Posted - Dec 29 2013 : 08:53:35 PM

7 Suggies, 4 dogs( A Papillon, a Papillon/Eskimo, A Pomeranian and An Italian Greyhound)

1 Cat (big gray Tabby boy), 3 Hermit Crabs, a Sun Conure Parrot and a Nano tank with a Betta and 2 albino dwarf bristlenose Plecos in our little zoo.
gliderlove22 Posted - Dec 14 2013 : 04:02:20 PM
I am lame. My mother wont let me have a million pets like i want I only have....
1 Dog
1 ferret that lives in a separate household
and 1 glider (soon to be 3)
suggieluv95 Posted - Sep 28 2013 : 07:46:18 PM
I have a dog, 2 Chinese hamsters, 3 hermit crabs, and a Russian tortoise . I don't have any suggies at present; I'm still looking into them.
LoganTW Posted - Aug 19 2013 : 01:13:05 PM
My family all together have 2 dogs one is my brothers one is mine two cats they are mine my brothers passed away this year, my brothers turtle, we have a family fish tank i have one too, my mom has birds and we have chickens/turkeys.
sunglider Posted - Aug 07 2013 : 10:52:08 PM
2 sugar gliders (male & female)
2 dogs Maltese, Beagle
2 cats Simease, regular cat
1 Cockatiel

Tinkdarling13 Posted - Aug 07 2013 : 09:01:38 PM
4 cats , and fish, and my suggie, i am looking for a friend for her
Imbrium Posted - May 04 2013 : 04:05:52 AM
I has 13 photobucket pages of pure, concentrated cuteness!

White_Glider_159 Posted - May 04 2013 : 01:23:26 AM
I have...
1 Old Dog
3 Cats
3 Zebra Finches
12 Sugar Gliders

oy... but I love em all...
kidsmom32 Posted - Apr 25 2013 : 11:04:50 PM
4 Gliders
Beauty and Beast Aprox two years old
Their joeys, Lola and Dante about six weeks oop
1 mini poodle Coco Four years old
1 cat cookie 7 years old
*site banned* Posted - Apr 25 2013 : 07:37:39 AM
I have twelve Sugar Gliders, two Dogs, four Cats, a Bearded Dragon, two Tibetan Frog - Eyed Geckos, a Turtle, a Quaker Parrot, Horses, and a beautiful Saltwater Fish Tank. =)
Sara Sue Posted - Apr 25 2013 : 07:32:06 AM
Originally posted by Omis n Kais g-ma

I bet those Saltwater fish are gorgeous and the tank is a beast to clean.
Originally posted by Sara Sue

For me it is 4 gliders, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 chinchillas, 3 rabbits, 11 chickens, and saltwater fish.

Yes and Yes. But, that one is my husbands responsibility. Lots of maintenance and upkeep.
Omis n Kais g-ma Posted - Apr 24 2013 : 10:26:47 PM
I bet those Saltwater fish are gorgeous and the tank is a beast to clean.
Originally posted by Sara Sue

For me it is 4 gliders, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 chinchillas, 3 rabbits, 11 chickens, and saltwater fish.

kittygirl28 Posted - Apr 24 2013 : 05:55:30 PM
I have a nine year old cat that my dad gave me for Christmas when she was a kitten and two gliders.