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Sugar Gliders
Sugar glider appetite?????
Sugar glider appetite?????
Food, Diet
Nov 17 2019
08:44:20 PM
Do glider typically have big appetites? There is always food left over. I put their hpw, veggies, and fruits out around 8/9 pm. They dont really become active until later in the night but when I come back to pick up the food a lot of it is still there? Im just nervous theyre not eating... and I barely see them eat their kibble I have out for them during the day. They look totally healthy and their fur is great. Im just a little nervous. Any advice? #128542;
Nov 18 2019
12:46:06 PM
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I put their food out between 8 and 10pm until 7 to 10 am. so they have time
all night to eat. they get up eat, nap, come out and play, nap, I sometimes visit
at 1 to 3 am to give them a treat spend time with them. usually within 60 minutes
they are mostly back to naps.
just cause they are in the sleeping pouches doesn't mean they are sleeping
sometimes they are grooming.

I will have some fruits leftover, the hpw is usually gone, 2-3 Tablespoons for
6 gliders (I keep it on the low side cause I have a few fat ones.) the corn is
gone, the peas are gone, sometimes some beans are left, but they eat the inside
of the green beans not outside. and its 50 50 on the berries and butternut squash.
I give them pro pet happy glider cereal on the side, they eat that just a little.
but I have read its a good tooth cleaner and healthy.

I have read that gliders have small stomachs, so they tend to eat over time, rather then just one sitting, I have also read that small animals lose body heat faster, so they need that more often eating to keep up body heat, another reason they all sleep
together to save body heat. a very small animal like a shrew will eat all the time.
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Sugar glider appetite?????

GliderGossip GliderGossip
Sugar Gliders
Sugar glider appetite?????