Signs Of Depression

Sugar gliders are very finicky pets and should never be caged by themselves. If you do have a lone glider and have noticed any of these signs of depression you should try to find it a cage mate right away.

1. Consecutive flips- this could be the glider getting on a perch of his or her cage and jumping to the top. A glider doing this for two or three minutes is normal, but a glider doing it for an hour is not.

2. Lack of interest in eating and playing- this is of course more harmful if they lose interest in food. If they do force feed them something. You can buy the syringes for animals at most pet stores and feed them baby food or another soft food through it.

3. Sleeping changes- This could be the glider sleeping more, sleeping less, or just sleeping for an hour getting up for two, sleeping for two hours getting up for one. It is normal for gliders to wake up at some point during the day potty, possibly eat and get some water, and go back to sleep.

4. Over-grooming- this is when the glider seems to groom him/her self for hours which can lead to the glider's hair falling out and unexpected bald spots.
  • If you have a lone glider that is missing patches of hair go to the vet, it is not always certain that it is due to depression, it could possibly be a parasite.

5. Extreme instances of depression can lead to Self Mutilation.
  • if you have a lone glider Self Mutilating you should go to the vet and put in a Collar a clear vet checkup is a good idea before you add another glider

Last Edited April 1, 2008