Sugar Glider Ornament 2010

The 2010 sugar glider ornament is finally here to bring in the new year. This year we have a baby joey sugar glider being gently held in a hand.

The art is pulled from a photo of one of Kazko's little joeys that came from a pregnant surrender colony.

The ornament is laser cut from a smooth 1/8" alder wood panel with a horizontal grain and is 3-1/4" wide by 4-1/4" tall.

Each is unique as the natural grain of the wood and other variations affect the individual output.

The textured artwork appears to change slightly as it responds to varying light conditions and shadow play. The ornament can hang on the wall and is suitable for displaying on a small photo stand or hanging from the included ribbon.

Each ornament is packaged in a cotton filled foil gift box and will be shipped first class inside of a bubble padded mailer. Due to the size of the box, shipments cannot be combined with first class.

This ornament has the option for "DATE ONLY" if you do not wish to have "" inscribed on it.


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