Sugar Glider Ornament 2011

The theme for the 2011 Glider Gossip ornament is "Enticement". It is laser etched from a smooth alder wood panel with a vertical grain. Each is unique as both the natural grain and other variations affect the individual output.

The ornament is oval and measures 5" by 3.75". It is suitable for displaying on a small photo stand or hanging from the ribbon which is included in the box. Each ornament is packaged in a cotton filled gift box and will be shipped first class inside of a bubble padded mailer.

The art this year was donated by our very own ToughCheeseSmallPaws, Nicole, in the form of a pencil sketch.

"What I was thinking about when drawing was what would catch a glider's attention? Flittering about on soft wings is temptation, a tasty midnight snack, floating gently on the air as if it were weightless, with slightly erratic movements that change in the breeze between clumsiness and simple elegance. What is more enticing for a treat?"

Nicole Manning is a resident Cincinnati artist who tends to focus on animal based art. She specializes in graphite, color pencils, inks, and traditional printmaking. She is owned by 2 sugar gliders named Tater and Pistol who have her and her husband, Tim, wrapped around their little clawed fingers. Nicole's artwork can be described as comical at times sprinkled with a few serious works. She also takes orders for pet portraits, which she lovingly calls critter companion portraits, which are mostly in pencil. You can learn more about Nicole and also contact her from her web site.

This ornament has the option for "DATE ONLY" if you do not wish to have "" inscribed on it.


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