Sugar Glider Keyfob

This oval keyfob is laser cut from a 1/8" dense wood panel. It measures around 3.75" long and can be etched on both sides. Each one will be slightly different as the wood grain variation alters the output. The key ring hole will be reinforced with a brass eyelet and should fit to most any ring or chain.

These can be customized to your needs in various ways, such as: without the hole, eyelet, single sided, larger size, shape, any custom logo, graphic or personal text. Send an email to ask about your custom idea.





05-Text with heart

06-Text with Halo Heart

07-Text in front of heart


Custom,two-sided, oval-cut

Please select an option for each side. They can each be different, the same or left blank. In the list of template images, white is untouched original wood surface, black is etched, grays are lightly etched and red is a cut line.

To customize the text, please leave a detailed message of what you want for each side in the customize box below. No extra charge for as many words or lines as you need. Try to include as much info as possible so that I get it right: proper case, all caps, size, font type, alignment, ...

If you would like a custom image or other design, please first email me with some description of what you would like to see with any supporting images, links fonts or whatever. You can sometimes find great black & white source images using Google images.




Examples of customize messages:

"Please put 'Zander' in proper case on the coffee cup. Any font will do but perhaps a lightly cursive one would look nice."

"Please remove the halo from the angel on Side A and Have Side B read 'We will see each other again'."

"I emailed you a clipart heart to use intead of the default one."

"No text at all on Side B, just center the heart and keep it simple."

"I would appreciate if you could invert the colors so it only etches the foreground instead of the background, so that more of the wood surface remains."

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