Subject: Re: Sugergliders
Posted by Terry on September 29, 1997 at 20:02:09:

In Reply to: Sugergliders posted by Susan Gobby on September 28, 1997 at 21:08:51:

: I came to you page by way of the magazine "Critters." I am very much interested in getting (at first I thought one) but now a pair. You talk about "stress" alot concerning these gentle little creatures and I already have two dogs and two cats (and soon a ferret).
: Is this going to be a real problem with upsetting them?

: Thanks for the info...

: Susan

I dont think that the dogs or ferret will bother the animals at all. The cats I might worry about. Imagine baing locked tight in an open cage with cats staring at you all day... You might keep the gliders in their own room. I would VERY MUCH try to avoid playing with them while the cats are around. Imagine letting your favorite glider run around on your bed and along comes your cat to swipe it up.
A sugarglider can actually hold its own against any animal, but a cat is just too big and mean... My doggie loves my gliders tho, and who knows for sure, maybe your cats will too. Yum Yum!

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