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Mar 31, 2020

 Papaya Died Today

Posted by: Scoria
It happened so fast. I noticed him out of the pouch and acting lethargic and less than an hour later he was gone. He refused food, even his favorites. He always loved food so much. He popped right up until the end. I put him back in the pouch with the other two and held them all. He stretched and yawned one last time and then he was gone. I feel so bad, like somehow if I had noticed sooner I could have helped him. I wasn't ready to lose him, yet. He was such a good boy. He loved being with me. Just the other night he was enjoying playtime. I miss him so much. He was one of the sweetest creatures I've met. I can't believe he's gone. My poor, poor baby. I miss him.

Mar 31, 2020

 Sugar glider roaming

Posted by: hellohello
I had 2 sugar gliders for almost a year already.

Yesterday morning, my mum woke me up in the morning saying something about something knocking on the door. I was still blur with sleep, went outside of the house with my mum. I saw a sugar glider running on the floor. After much hardships, we finally caught the sugar glider, thinking one of my sugar glider escaped from the cage and ran out when my mum opened the door.

I tried to put it on my body but it jumped to the floor. This raise the first alarm as my sugar gliders will stay on my body if i'm standing, unless when i sit down, they will take it as a permission to go on the floor. I managed to catch it back and bring it to the cage asap. To my surprise, both my sugar gliders were sleeping soundly in their pouch.

[Before anything, I do recognized my sugar gliders. It just that I was in panic state thinking my 2nd sugar glider escaped and I couldn't see any sign of my 1st sugar glider. And as far as I know, I'm the only person who have sugar glider in my neighbourhood as I don't see signs of cages for sugar glider.]

The sugar glider isn't mine. I'm confused. We managed to find a box and tried to make holes with it. We planned to ask around my neighbourhood later. But it managed to escaped again. This time, it totally went somewhere I couldn't see and we missed it. I'm worried of her safety. I placed some yogurt drops in front of my house but it's there the whole day.

From what I seen, the sugar glider looks skinny. I don't know if she escaped herself or her owner let her out. I'm afraid that the stray dogs and cats might hurt her. I'll try to put some food outside tomorrow morning and see if she eats it.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but is there any ways that I can lure it back to my house?? I'm really worried for her safety. Hope to get a reply soon.
Mar 29, 2020

 Please help

Posted by: Tania249
Hi, during this covid lockdown period its really hard to get proper help.My glider, Motti.I m having her past for 5 years, few days back i found her in cage walking with tilt head and so weak, unable to eat.Its seriously so hard to find a proper vet for exotic pets in my country especially during Covid lockdown period.However we manage to find one and rushed her, vet said it could be neuro prob and gave some vitamins but advised to bring her to another Vet as he is more to basic.I realised probably there was calcium deficiency in her.She never showed any signs of illness so i assumed all this while she was good.

But the place he suggested was close and it was so late evening already.
So we brought her back and she was so weak almost dying but some how manage to give her drink water with stringe.The whole 2 days she was suffering but she looked better whenever i placed her on my chest.So i kept her on my chest and hand most of the time.

3rd day she looked bit better,so we had some hopes and took her to another available Vet which was treating exotic pets but those vet handled her pretty bad.They fed her water and put her in oxygen repeatedly in air conditioned room.When they returened her to me she was soaking wet and shaking so badly.I was so shocked,they did not dry her nor clean her.She kept trembling in cold.

I had to wipe out in tissue and calm her.Now she became super stiff.Unable to move at all.

I dont think the vets were professional.They haven given me few medicines.I dont trust them after this.

I m feeding HPW,fruit juice,yogurt honey and water with stringe. She asking for water. Her eyes are open and tounge is in and out when she is hungry. The rest of her body is stiff. I have been trying to keep her warm as possible and massaging her.She is able to grab me once in awhile but mostly stiff.But her will power is really strong.She is trying her best.
Please advise.
Mar 27, 2020

 types of bites and covid

Posted by: spicearelly
Hey y'all, I wanted to clarify types of aggression for the new glider owners. The first one I am going to start with it a bluff. A bluff is where the glider gets upset and acts like its going to bite, but never does. The second is a "tag". This is when the glider bites for a quick second then lets go; they do this out of fear, anxiety, aggression, or just to say they want to be let alone. The last is what I call the "bully". This is when the glider will bite and not let go. Sometimes it will even draw blood. This occurs when a glider will bully you around and not let you do the necessary actions. Hope this helped someone!!

Now on covid 19 I hope y'all are distancing yourself and washing hands. A quick tip; if you wear gloves you need to be sure not to touch your face with them one, don't eat food with them 2, and 3 don't wear them in your car if you wore them inside a store and didn't change them. You might think this will lower the chances of you getting the illness, your actually increasing it by bringing all the bacteria into your car or on your face. Does anyone know if a glider can get it? Ive tried to look it up but it doesn't say? stay safe!
Mar 24, 2020

 I have a Joey that is missing skin on the back of his neck

Posted by: Nicole08greene
Hey guys! I have a Joey that is about 13 weeks out of pouch. I noticed last night that he is missing a pretty good size of fur from the back of his neck. Could this have been a dominant bite from his dad? I only have his parents and him in the cage currently. I am intergrating 3 more females that I resuced. But they have not been in the cage together yet. I am waiting on the vet to open back up to fix his dad and him. Is there anything I can do to help the healing process or do I just let it heal on its own
Mar 23, 2020

 Two rescue gliders

Posted by: spicearelly
I just got two new gliders (male and female) from a family that no longer took care of them. I renamed them Chilli (male) and Tobasco (female). Chilli is great and he loves to play with my sugar baby Spice, but Tobasco is very aggressive. When I first got Spice she was more than the average aggressive so I thought I could help Tobasco in some way. After every time I failed in my attempt I started to realize that maybe she was so used to neglect that she doesn't feel safe anymore. No matter what I will keep trying and not give up. I will make sure to keep y'all informed!
Mar 22, 2020

 Scab and swollen chin

Posted by: spearr
I have a sweet little family of sugar gliders Lilo (F) and Stitch (M) and their two twin boys. Recently I noticed Lilos lower cheek was a little swollen, so I gave her a treat to distract her as I checked it out and I saw a strange black scab looking growth under her chin. Shes been eating and drinking just fine and playing, definitely has not lost her spunk. So I dont know if its just an injury from fighting with one of the boys or something more serious. Has this ever happened to anyone and if not does anyone have any ideas of what this may be.?
Mar 7, 2020


Posted by: tanmehr
im looking to rehome my female glider but im not sure where to start!
Feb 27, 2020

 Possible Special Needs Glider?

Posted by: KevinKSZ

So, recently one of my gliders got sick, in a less than optimal time. Ive had them for over a year now (2, 1 male one female the male is neutered) and at the beginning I was set up for them then life just gut punched me and now were here and its been tight. And then my glider gets sick, pretty positive it was dehydration, the ball in his bottle got stuck and the female is protective of the food. For the past 3 days Ive been nursing him back to health and overall hes doing much better. What I can say is he almost wasnt here and May have had a seizure while I was dropping pedialyte for him. But I comforted and made sure if he thought it was his time, it was ok, now the only residing symptoms is weakness and oddly, trancing out. Heres what I mean. Lately hes been just stopping what hes doing, blank staring for a few moments and then resuming his previous activity. Why? I dont know, this didnt happen before. His strength is slowly returning, its the trances that are scaring me. Any ideas? Thanks.
Feb 24, 2020

 Mourning my glider

Posted by: obiwanandanakin
I lost one of my gliders from an accident the other day and I feel horrible. I wasnt even home and it could have been prevented, I miss him dearly but nobody around me understands the bond you have with them and how hard it is to let them go.
Feb 23, 2020

 Neutered boy is vicious

Posted by: Axlbabyglider
Hi Guys

I was just hoping for some advice regarding handling a vicious glider. I have had Charlie for about a year and rescued him with 2 other females as a breeding trio.

He was a very dominant male and I assumed it was the hormones from being an intact male. He began he get so excited if he smelt other gliders and would bite the bars and even ended up injuring his tail.

I decided neutering him would be the best option to help him and the vet also agreed it would be kindest to neuter him so he wouldn't have all raging hormones.

Now a year later hes still just as aggressive regarding other gliders. Tonight I made the mistake of not washing my hands after feeding one of my other gliders and got absolutely attacked by charlie. He just goes crazy if he smells other gliders.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to calm him down or will I just have to continue making sure I wash my hands before handling him?

PS: he still lives with his 2 females that he came with
Feb 22, 2020

 Gotta new boyfriend

Posted by: BatGirl
His name is Aerrow and he's a neutered Sugar Glider, bonded to my best friend Piper (mom to my darling Starling Sugar Glider). Got to use bonding pouch earlier this week with Aerrow, and able to finally (for a short time) handle him outside the cage and pouch just sitting in my open hand (with fleece glove) munching on wax worms... got to rub his cheeks and forehead, and caress his back. Such a tender yet strong gentleman Glider, and quite charming :-)

Yesterday I bonded again with Piper. Used bonding pouch, and just like Aerrow I was able to finally (for a short time) handle her outside the cage and pouch just sitting in my open hand (with fleece glove) munching on wax worms... she still managed to give me a small nip getting her to that point, but didn't hurt. Took some patience waiting out the growling tantrums, but in-between got some good petting in. Actually able to get some purr-like sounds out of her as she would finally surrender to my caresses. Afterwards, she seems more tame - she will still throw a growling tantrum, but only for a few seconds rather than the usual several minutes (until I dump her out of the nest where she'd stop - lingering nest protection mode...). However even the tantrums seem to occur less frequent. What a lady!

Then there's Starling, my boyfriend's little baby girl - she bonds with me daily, loving to be caressed and always looking for me when I enter the room (and such stirrings usually sets off Piper if they're in the same nest). Compared to the other two adults who are beautiful mature vibrant Sugar Gliders, she's still got a bit of the baby "Joy" in her - more hesitant yet adventurous...
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