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Apr 14, 2024

 Failed Intro.. help!!

Posted by: AlyBent
Hi everyone,
I am sorry for the long post ahead but I am in need of serious advice.
A little over a month ago, my boy (Bandito) lost his cage mate. I recently got two new gliders so that he wouldnt be alone (Trixie & Stitch). After having them side by side in different cages, I did an introduction. During the intro everything went super well and they were all put into one pouch with extras in the cage just in case. Later on that night around 3 in the morning Trixie started chasing Bandito around the cage. So I decided to separate them again in case of fighting. The next day early in the morning I swapped their pouches so they can get used to each others scent.. later on in the day I tried reintroducing them.. I did this my having them sniff each others tails. Trixie ended up biting Banditos tail within seconds of smelling it. So again they remained separated. I decided to not introduce them the next day but I did swap the pouches again. Today I tried another introduction. The first few minutes went amazing. They even ended up in the same pouch. But then Trixie nipped at Banditos paw and again I had to separate them.
I really dont know what to do. Is it possible she will never like him? Im scared to try another introduction because I dont want him getting hurt.
*Trixie was a rejected glider from her mom and ended up being hand raised. Im not sure if this can play a role?
Thank you again for any advice you can offer.
Sincerely a very worried sugar momma.

Mar 11, 2024

 Skinny sugar glider??

Posted by: Luz blight
Hello! Im new to owning sugar gliders and I just got my first two gliders five days ago. I got one neutered male whos about 4-5 months old and a female thats 9 months. Theyve been good about eating there food that my breeder set there diet on(OHPW), but they will not eat any fruits or veggies, which is part of there diet. My female feels a lot more boney than my male. I have nothing to weigh them with, but just wanted to know if its normal for a girl to feel a little more boney vs a male? Im sure my breeder would have never sent me my gliders if something is visible wrong, but Im not sure. Shes a lot more scared I can tell. Im able to pet her and handle her decently well without her biting or even attempting to bite, but I know that she must still be very stressed and scared. Both my gliders also dont seem to wake up a lot at night. I sometimes wake them up but even then they might crawl in there pouches again. I have seen them out and I see them drink and eat well other than there fruits and veggies. My main concern is if its normal for a girl to feel more boney. She doesnt look boney, but when I pet her she feels like it. Heres a few pictures of them if it helps at all? She is a little lighter than my male but I heard that males are a little heavier than females.

Jan 11, 2024

 Piper has glided from my heart to God's...

Posted by: BatGirl
Piper has glided from my heart to God's... joining her love Aerrow at the Rainbow Bridge, both waiting to join me after I've passed on.

Piper passed away lying next to her daughter Starling in their nest today at 4PM.

I had taken her to our exotic pet vet Dr. Paul Welch on Monday because she's lost a lot of weight, appetite seemed to have been diminished, and was worried about her... similar symptoms Aerrow, her mate who died on 9/18/23, had gone thru in his last few weeks. He said she seems healthy, but keep an eye on her weight. I ordered EmerAid Intensive Care Omnivore on Tuesday, after getting the prescription from the Doc.

Part probably due to her losing the will to live after losing her mate and part was just old age like Aerrow (both were probably 7-9 years old)... she was lethargic this morning, so I called the exotic pet vet who was out today, but able to see me and Piper in the morning at 11:30am which I was praying she's be OK until then. So, I syringe fed her some water, and place her next to Piper in the cube nest...

My Darling Starling her daughter, and Terrific Radarr her boyfriend, miss her the most... but I miss her so much as well:

Having fun in the glider tent with the rest of us ;-)

She's being cremated tomorrow at Angel's Pet Funeral Home and Crematory and then will be placed in Aerrow's urn, with her name and today's date engraved next to his.

A memorial will be set up soon afterwards and I'll copy here with it

Oct 17, 2023

 Meet RADARR - Aerrow's co-pilot!

Posted by: BatGirl
My suggies are all named after the 'Storm Hawks' TV show about the Sky Knights. The Sky Knights drive motorcycles that they drive off of cliffs that then sprout wings and glide/fly. - remind you of sugar gliders?

The Sky Knights were almost wiped out by the evil Cyclonus and her minions led by the Dark Ace (a Sky Knight traitor). The place is Atmos, a planet where the occupiable land masses are these steep mountains rising up above the clouds while below are mysterious hostile creatures and lava beds. The Storm Hawks are led by Aerrow (who my male suggie that recently passed on was named after) - the lone surviving member from the war and still a young teen. He has recruited other teens to re-form the squadron. Piper (who my mama suggie is named after) is the high tech member, then there's Junko, Stark and Finn. Starling (who my baby girl is named after) is an adult Sky Knight from another squadron, only surviving member of that squadron, who gets the Storm Hawks to help her on special missions... Then there's Aerrow's copilot, Radarr, who rides in his cycle's sidecar and takes over the flying when Aerrow jumps out and fights the Dark Ace, etc.

Well, you guessed it - I call my new neutered male white faced sugar glider "Radarr" - newest member of my Sky Knight 'Storm Hawks' squadron of sugar gliders... "fly high, kiss the sky, gotta a mission to fight"!

He's fantastic - gotta get some pictures of him here soon!

Radarr fixin' to jump on my head

Radarr on the left - Starling in middle - Piper on right

He's a bit more silvery than the girls, and only weighs 75g (girls 150-155g) and is four years old like Starling. Kinda 'skiddish' and high strung, but may just be the move to the new family (was part of a quad colony). Seems to like broccoli-cheese quiche ;-)

Sep 18, 2023

 Aerrow's last momments

Posted by: BatGirl
he's lying on his side in my hand. so old and tired - his tremors have stopped. he jerks and stretches from time to time, off on his last glide into God's heart from mine. he was always the wisest and sweetest of the three - his mate, Piper, and baby girl Starling... he was probably father to his mate and many many others. his legacy living on in the white-faced clan of sugar gliders... fly high kiss the sky, my dearest of all Aerrow!
Jul 12, 2023

 Mean Glider

Posted by: Gliderswift
Hi! I have two sugar gliders. One is an angel he follows me around and is eating all of the time cuddle bug never built me just the sweetest thing. While the other one is so mean any time I pick him up or touch him he bites me Ive tried everything please help.
Mar 26, 2023

 Hair dyed hair strand digested

Posted by: Nerodemo
Had a recent incident with one of my gliders raiden(11 years old) he seems ok now

I had my hair bleached and dyed a week back and I don't think it was toxic as much as permanent hair dye

Raiden at first seemed constipated and he'd lift his butt high up while trying to poop and poop came out with difficulty and bunched up and it was pitch black and smelled strange and he even pee blueish clear and looked to be in pain for 2 to 3 days and I was in a panic due to picking up his worse state right after my vet closed down for the weekend so I went all over town trying to find ingredients to at least calm him down before I can get ahold of a vet only to later on find out the culprit of his illness and as now he is no longer in pain but still pooping black but his poop contained a piece of blond hair with the other half of it being black/green
I'm going to give him a lot of fruits and stuff to flush out what's left of the dye that was on my hair strain he pooped out and since he pooped it out he no longer seem to struggle pooping

I'm posting this here incase someone hasn't posted any similar situations or has any questions about dyed hair and harm to gliders from it

So far I'm monitoring him but he now wants to play and is very active compared to before

If your not extremely careful I'd suggest not to have dyed hair

My problem is that I turned a whole room into a gliders play pen and it's basically their exercise space as my sleeping quarters so there was a chance of this happening

But if manageable for someone to have dyed hair and handling gliders without worry of this incident it's probably OK but for me I'm no longer going to dye my hair I'd rather give that up because my gliders are really old and I've already lost one for different reasons back in December he was 14 getting close to 15 and he was the father of raiden but I still ohave the mother to keep him company
Feb 1, 2023

 New Joey mom, her poop looks strange

Posted by: Mc2304
Hi, new Joey mom here! Our baby is 12 week old female and we just lover her so much. Im just a little worried about some of her poop. Most of it looks totally normal but then a few pieces are round in shape and like a light brownish orange color and almost opaque looking and definitely more wet. Im assuming that is diarrhea? The person we got her from says more than likely its just the introduction of new fruit. She was feeding vegetables with OHPW diet and we have kept that but also tried adding a few new fruits to that along with yogurt treats to help with bonding. Did we just do too much too soon? Or should I be worried about and infection? She is eating great and she has a new pee spot on her pad every morning so I can assume she pretty well hydrated. I just need a little advice and maybe some piece of mind as well as I am a new, nervous joey mom. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Jan 12, 2023


Posted by: Ebony
What color babies can a standard gray and albino make??
Jan 12, 2023


Posted by: Ebony
What color babies will a classic and albino glider make??

Dec 23, 2022

 My sugar glider has a golf ball size swelling above genitalia

Posted by: Freyahbing
I am at a loss my boy banana is 5 years old on BML diet I rescued him from a pretty bad situation. He had shown no signs of any illness till last month he started to cry when using bathroom & swelling began above (two balls one bigger then the other) he was on antibiotics for 14 days. It didnt get better. Swelling got bigger. So back to vet. They test his poop for parasites & it was negative. She said swelling can be the intestines from him constantly straining?? On the way to vet he prolapses & they couldnt get it in with just a sugar soak. So they had to stitch it & give meds to help him poop smoother with pain/ anti inflammatory meds. 6 days later he showed such a good progress till today. Its back to the swelling size it was day one & he is crying again when using bathroom. Stool is liquid. He is eating okay. Not his normal self much more picky. He has another appointment with another vet on Tuesday for x rays. I have his meds still & will continue till then
Nov 24, 2022

 Tooth Abscess that won't go away!

Posted by: Llllllllllavender
I have a sugar glider, Beauty, and she has had a bump under her chin for a while. Every time I take her to the vet she gets a new round of medication for it such as antibiotics and pain relief.. it'll subside for a minute and then come back. The last visit to the vet they said they don't want to pull a tooth because of how small of an animal she is and how she could not wake up from the anesthesia as well as they would have to take xrays and see if the infection spread in which it wouldn't really be treatable???

Now, her bump isn't subsiding quickly this time and it has me so worried. I am freaking out at the thought pf her not waking up from being put under and if it has spread.

What is the likelyhood of it spreading and her not making it? Any thoughts would be so appreciated.


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