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Nov 25, 2020

 Need to rehome my two gliders

Posted by: MarkusKing
I sadly have to rehome my two girls. Piper and Hendrix. I love them so much and it breaks my heart to have to let them go. I live in Portland and sadly can't give them all the attention they need and deserve right now. They are both less than if not 6 months old. Any help would be much appreciated.

Nov 24, 2020

 Sugar Glider Birthday Cake (Malaysia)

Posted by: Shan930330
Hi all, there'a a sugar glider brand call Mygliderstories in Malaysia, providing nail cutting services for sugar glider & selling balance diet of their food & snacks. Recently launching birthday cake for sugar glider, which suitable to buy as a gift for sugar glider as a birthday present.

I don't think there's any seller in Malaysia that selling this, just to share out this sugar glider birthday cake product launching to you guys, if interested can go to for more details.

Thanks all sugar glider dad & mom!
Nov 8, 2020

 I need help

Posted by: Kaung
Is there any glider that doesn't bond with it's owner

Oct 20, 2020

 Glider Stats

Posted by: BatGirl
Glider Stats

MOM/Piper = 160 grams
DAUGHTER/Starling = 155 grams
DAD/Aerrow = 165 grams

Weight Notes: looks can indeed really be deceiving!
Now, Dad 'looks' smaller and lighter than the two girls, BUT he's actually heavier...
Then the daughter who 'looks' the heaviest (lots of young muscle there) is actually the lightest!?!
All three are on the 'heavy' end of Sugar Glider Weight. They are 'White-Faced Sugar Gliders', so this just may be typical of their type or something ;-)

* * * * * To Be Continued * * * * *
Oct 3, 2020

 Sugar glider diarrhea HELP!!

Posted by: JavaandBeanmom
My sugar glider (2 years old) has just developed diarrhea. Hes not lethargic and is still quite active and playful and acting normal from what I can tell. I havent switched his diet, and his brother does not have diarrhea either. I am worried because Im not sure what could cause it and I know it can cause dehydration. Could it be from too many yogurt drops? Sometimes he gets more than normal because he steals his brothers
Sep 17, 2020

 Swolen eye

Posted by: nyxi093
Hi all,
Have a quick question. About a week ago we got a new sugar glider (Artemis) and shes a complete sweet heart and in good health however after coming back from work today 1pm I noticed my other sugar glider (Nyx) eye is swolen. She is in no pain and it's only slightly stolen however I'm worried. I have 3 and they love sleeping in 1 pouch however all have their own one.

Any suggestions until Sunday as the vets are closed for the weekend here in the middle east?

Thanks a lot all
Sep 16, 2020

 Sudden death

Posted by: Isaac 1
My girlfriends sugar glider in Thailand was 12 weeks old and died suddenly after she owned it for 2weeks the breeder feed it cats milk before she got possession of it she feed it watermelon for 2 weeks and some grapes some times it had wet poo the hole time . Did it die from bad diet does anyone have any information or advice
Sep 10, 2020

 Moth Attack!

Posted by: BatGirl
The hapless moth fluttered into the Sugar Glider cage and immediately got the attention of one of the Sugar Gliders. The Sugar Glider seemed to be triangulating on the moth with its ears as they flicked back and forth like some marsupial bat, and those wide open eyes were transfixed on the moth's every move as it tracked and zeroed-in on the hapless creature. Then in a lightning flash of movement, the Sugar glider lept into the air gliding easily to catch the moth in its front paws, while quickly zipping it into its waiting jowls just before it landed on the side of the cage. The moth was consumed in an instant and as fast as this all happened, all returned to normal as if nothing happened when the Sugar Glider gave a quick look around for more morsels, then continued its playing with the other two Sugar Gliders. Totally awesome! I had no idea they were that into living insects. Inpressive...
Sep 4, 2020

 Want to adopt rehomed sugar gliders in Florida

Posted by: Alpaca
We live here in Florida and would love to know more details, as we are very interested in adopting all your sweet babies. I can best be reached at or 407-920-2250.
Sep 2, 2020

 Bald spot near the tail

Posted by: ampii
Hi! I've been worrying over the bald spot near the tail of my 8 months old sugar glider. He's been neutered already and I can't tell if it's due to illness or stress huhu Should I take him to the vet?
Aug 30, 2020


Posted by: Glidersab97
Need to rehome 2 females 3 males. Never been together. Dont want them bred. Dont have a cage. Located in Tallahassee Florida willing to drive!!!
Aug 6, 2020

 Young sisters looking for a new home!

Posted by: mikalia603
Hey everyone,

I need to rehome my girls to a loving and knowledgable home because I am leaving for my college apartment. They come with their cage, food, and all accessories in the cage. They are both under a year and Phoebe is a normal gray and Chloe is a platinum. They have never bit me and always want to come out and play; super loving. I live in the Chester county area in Pennsylvania. Please email me if interested ( can send pictures).

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