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Feb 23, 2020

 Neutered boy is vicious

Posted by: Axlbabyglider
Hi Guys

I was just hoping for some advice regarding handling a vicious glider. I have had Charlie for about a year and rescued him with 2 other females as a breeding trio.

He was a very dominant male and I assumed it was the hormones from being an intact male. He began he get so excited if he smelt other gliders and would bite the bars and even ended up injuring his tail.

I decided neutering him would be the best option to help him and the vet also agreed it would be kindest to neuter him so he wouldn't have all raging hormones.

Now a year later hes still just as aggressive regarding other gliders. Tonight I made the mistake of not washing my hands after feeding one of my other gliders and got absolutely attacked by charlie. He just goes crazy if he smells other gliders.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to calm him down or will I just have to continue making sure I wash my hands before handling him?

PS: he still lives with his 2 females that he came with

Feb 22, 2020

 Gotta new boyfriend

Posted by: BatGirl
His name is Aerrow and he's a neutered Sugar Glider, bonded to my best friend Piper (mom to my darling Starling Sugar Glider). Got to use bonding pouch earlier this week with Aerrow, and able to finally (for a short time) handle him outside the cage and pouch just sitting in my open hand (with fleece glove) munching on wax worms... got to rub his cheeks and forehead, and caress his back. Such a tender yet strong gentleman Glider, and quite charming :-)

Yesterday I bonded again with Piper. Used bonding pouch, and just like Aerrow I was able to finally (for a short time) handle her outside the cage and pouch just sitting in my open hand (with fleece glove) munching on wax worms... she still managed to give me a small nip getting her to that point, but didn't hurt. Took some patience waiting out the growling tantrums, but in-between got some good petting in. Actually able to get some purr-like sounds out of her as she would finally surrender to my caresses. Afterwards, she seems more tame - she will still throw a growling tantrum, but only for a few seconds rather than the usual several minutes (until I dump her out of the nest where she'd stop - lingering nest protection mode...). However even the tantrums seem to occur less frequent. What a lady!

Then there's Starling, my boyfriend's little baby girl - she bonds with me daily, loving to be caressed and always looking for me when I enter the room (and such stirrings usually sets off Piper if they're in the same nest). Compared to the other two adults who are beautiful mature vibrant Sugar Gliders, she's still got a bit of the baby "Joy" in her - more hesitant yet adventurous...
Feb 14, 2020

 More on Piper's growling/biting problem

Posted by: BatGirl
OK - seems the only time Piper does this 'tantrum' thing is when she's in a nest - never does it outside the nest. Therefore it's GOTTA be some protectiveness of the nest thing left over from birthing joy's/joeys. And Aerrow never does the growling thing unless Piper's doing it - so GOTTA be some husband support thing.

Starling however NEVER joins in and will either just bail out of the nest when the two start up, or she'll wait for me to do something about it (like run ballistic mom and dad out of the nest which stops their growling/snapping immediately as they seek one of the other two nests, and gives Starling the nest by herself, and usually she'll also get a good head/cheek rub with back massage for being such a darling )

Reward good behavior - discourage bad behavior

Still, once I've ran the two trouble makers out of the nest and before they hide away in one of the other nests, I'll give each a 'petting' once they're out and no longer carrying-on...

...also, Piper is now actually allowing me to pet her - even in the nest - occasionally at least, and without being so skiddish ~ gotta wear her down and re-tame her ;-D
Feb 6, 2020

 New joey! Assistance is requested.

Posted by: Aesthetic_Lunacy
Hello! I have a new Joey on my hands and they are my first. I have 4 adult gliders that were all rescues. Before I was able to have my males neutered my dear Sydney got pregnant and had an adorable healthy baby. I was hoping one of you could help me to figure out the joey's gender. I find it much easier to tell with adults and as I said before I usually only adopt rescues so. Thank you in advance!

Feb 6, 2020

 Aggressive Behavior.

Posted by: mh669q

I have a very aggressive male sugar glider and I dont know what to do Ive tried loving on him, Ive tried the bonding pouch, Ive tried the sugar glider sized blanket scent thing and it makes me sad that he wont be kind... what do I do?
Feb 6, 2020


Posted by: Jessica41476
Hi please check out my hats journal post I really need help!!
Feb 5, 2020


Posted by: BatGirl
Piper developed some feral tendencies during pregnancy ~ protecting the pregnancy, then the newborns, and later the nest. She discouraged handling by growling and snapping, and therefore got handled less - worsening the skittishness. Finally even after the young ones left the nest, this 'habit' remained. My mission: bring her back to civilization :-D
Feb 3, 2020

 Sugar glider diet

Posted by: Gemma_11
Hi there, I was just curious, what do you all feed your sugar gliders? What diet do you have them on? I have a 1 year old male sugar glider and I was given a certain nectar recipe to feed him every night by the breeder I brought him from but I feel like its doing worse than good, especially because hes recently started having diarrhoea. So I just wanna know what you all feed your sugar gliders so I can improvise and see whats wrong. Thank you
Feb 2, 2020

 Gliders for sale

Posted by: kyleyb2305
Hi I live in North Carolina and was wondering if anyone would like a platinum sugar glider that is ready to go for $450. It is a young female that is very friendly. If anyone is interested please contact me through email at
And if anyone has any ideas of how I can sell this sugar glider please let me know because Im having trouble
Jan 27, 2020

 Journal for the Storm Hawks - SKY NIGHTS

Posted by: BatGirl
Piper is my Sugar Glider mom... she has this growling/biting problem that my other two Sugar Gliders (dad and daughter) do not have. I figure most if her issue is she's just 'put-out' by all that's happened to her lately, and even though none of it is my fault, I still get to deal with it.

First, she's been uprooted from her previous owner - new surrounding, new caregiver, new scents, etc. Second, her husband is somehow 'different' - he's been neutered. Third, one of her daughter's is 'missing' - the breeder I got her from gave away one daughter after getting the family from the lady moving overseas... gave the second daughter away to another lady who lost one of her two gliders and the remaining one bonded with the second daughter so she gave it to her. Fourth, she got used to 'protecting the nest' during her pregnancy/birthing and has just redeemed the habit.

PLAN: handle her as much as possible - do bonding sessions frequently - ignore the biting attempts - discourage the growling.

Pipe down Piper (mom)
Hello Aerrow (dad)
Darling Starling (daughter)

The Storm Hawks - SKY NIGHTS
Piper (L) Aerrow (M) Starling (R)
(and that's Radaar on Aerrow's shoulders.... some kinda rabbit wingman)

Jan 23, 2020

 Female hissing

Posted by: Jessica41476
For some facts- the female is about 6 months old and the other three are; two females just turned one year. And one male thats 7years old.

I have a female sugar glider, and three other sugar gliders. The female is all by herself in her cage, and the other three in a separate cage. I got the three others to make sure I was doing the right thing, and kept their cages close but not so they could reach at each other. I tried swapping some of their stuff in each cage for the sent, and then finally decided to introduce them. I set up a tent, and put all four in, and the single female attacked them all. I then tried one at a time and only left the female and one of the others, and she still attacked them.

So I stopped waited about a month and during that month kept swapping items in their cage, for them to get used to each others scents. Ive tried switching them in their cages and letting the three go in hers and she goes in theirs.

I tried again but was too afraid to let her near them. So I held her back, and right before I put one of the females away, she opened her mouth stuck out her tongue and made some sorta hissing noise.

Im not sure what else to do. And I was looking for some advice or what her hissing means. Please help!!
Jan 19, 2020

 Tooth Abscess!!!

Posted by: julianeumann
A little over a month ago my sugar glider started sleeping more, wasn't able to balance, and his eye swelled up really bad. My sister brought him to the vet because I was out of town for a couple days and she claims the vet just looked at him and diagnosed him. Which worries me because I don't now if it is just in the gums or in the root of the tooth. Which I believe, determines if it is going to need to be removed or not. She also didn't drain his eye, was she supposed to? She gave us an antibiotic for three weeks, and it got all healed up as far as I can tell, but he still hasn't been very active at night he just gets up to eat. Should I just give it time? Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent it? Or any other advice?

My vet also told me to switch from the bml diet to pellets(with fruits, veggies, nectar, vitamins, and calcium as well obviously) because she says that is what caused it, all the sweet and liquid food. Has anyone who's had a sugar glider with a tooth abscess know this is true?
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