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Jan 28, 2019

 Rehoming a pair

Posted by: Gayle
Im in tampa fl. I just dont have the time i used to. Looking to rehome a bonded pair.

Jan 5, 2019

 Please help

Posted by: gogogo202
Hello! Im a mother of 2 sugar gliders, and once in awhile they will have babies so I know the first batch of joeys usually pass away, but I have had 4 batchs of joeys and only the 2nd one survived. She keeps on abandoning them I was wondering if anyone could help beacause she is pregnant and I really don't want to lose these ones so please comment and help.
Jan 2, 2019

 Sugar Glider Attacked Me!

Posted by: ten4city

Hey everyone!

I just want to start out by giving some minor details about this incident. So I have been with my girlfriend for 3 years now, and I am over at her place 3-4 days out of the week. Every other week or so while I am over there, I make my way over to her glider's cage in the center of the living room and talk to him/play with him. She is usually around when I am interacting with the glider.

Most of the time when I am interacting with him, I put my finger in the cage for him to nibble at and give me kisses. It seems he has gotten to know me pretty well and my scent. Sometimes my girlfriend will even open up the cage to hold him and I will pet him carefully and he doesn't mind it. There has been a few occasions where I went over to his cage while my girlfriend was busy with something, and I'll open up the pouch he sleeps in and pet him and he will lick me and give me nibbles. Well, until today...

This afternoon when I was over there waiting for my girlfriend to get home, I saw that the glider was outside of his sleeping quarters and was hopping around in the cage. I went over to the front and opened the door ever so slightly and reached to pet him while he was looking at me (very slowly not to startle him). Well, the moment I reached in he latched onto me and bit my index finger very hard, drawing blood. My reaction was to take my hand away and close the cage door really quick, but he was very pissed off and wouldn't let go, biting down even harder on me with his claws around my hand still gnawing on my finger. While in a bit of pain, I pulled his body away with my right hand while he was still latched onto me as fast as I could, and he didn't budge. He started to bite down on my other finger, this time drawing a lot of blood. I finally managed to grab him firmly and pull his body away and threw him into the back of the cage. I closed the cage door and walked off, very very pissed off.

It took about 30 minutes for the bleeding to stop from the wounds he created on my hands (managed to bite my right hand a few times too). Keep in mind that I have been bitten by many other animals but this was one of the most painful continuous bites I have ever received...

I'm looking for reasons why he would act out this way today. I was never aggressive with him in the past and didn't startle him or approach him in any threatening way. I'm still puzzled about the whole situation. My girlfriend was very shocked that this happened because this is the first incident of him full on attacking someone. My hands now have a bunch of red bite marks all over them and I made sure to clean the wounds appropriately. Please help!

Dec 28, 2018

 Bonding Help, please!!!

Posted by: LilBitBabies313
Hello everyone! I am new to this site so I am hoping some of you can really help me out. I have owned gliders in the past but honestly never knew what I was doing. Years later and a ton more research, I am confident that I'm doing things the right way this time. I just recently brought home two 3 month olds. A boy and a girl. My daughter just turned 9 and she is really bonding with her boy. The female which is mine is a different story. She is always crabbing, everything I do she crabs at. She is currently sleeping in my bra and she is quiet, but she always crabs when I peek in. I am trying to give her space but it just seems she hates me. I am getting a bit discouraged. I'm not trying to force myself on her but I do want her to trust me so I do keep her with me in her pouch during the day. She never gets upset when she's in her cage and I feed her at night. it's just during the day when she's in my pouch she's just cranky. Any help would be appreciated. thank you all for taking the time to read. Happy New Year!
Dec 12, 2018


Posted by: MaddieK
So yesterday I noticed one of my sugar gliders making a crying noise. She has two joeys with the father so there are 4 gliders in a huge cage. There are so many things to do in there to keep them occupied, I also have tent time with them 2 times a week. I did some research and it said they make that noise when their lonely. When she makes that noise I go in and pet her and give her a lot of attention. This has been goin on for two days now, I am really scared that my poor baby is ill #128557;
Dec 11, 2018

 Sugar glider noises/ Helpppp

Posted by: __alexx08
Okay so I researched about sugar gliders 2 years ago but I was 17 so I stopped at some point hoping for when I leave my house. I'm now living alone in a building apartment and I'm going to a university 09:00-17:00 almost every day. Afternoons I'm always home and if I go out I come back home at 00:00 and usually sleep at 02:00 or 04:00 at night. I've been researching again and I really want to buy 2 male sugar gliders but my only fear is the following. Will their noises and specifically their barking be possibly heard by my neighbours on the floor below mine or not? (It's my landlord's apartment) Are they really that loud? I've heard/seen videos but I can't really figure out if they are that loud.
Dec 7, 2018
Dec 4, 2018

 Can my sugar glider impregnate threw the cage

Posted by: Tonya ray
Hi I have had my brother and sister for almost 2 weeks, they were kept in a room with dogs, they r just now coming around a little better I can pick them up but they wont let me hold them long, they want to come out of cage and ,run around but are hard to catch. But main question is can the brother impregnate his sister threw cage if they are next to each other? Also they seam like they are hungry they eat their food right away, I feed them veg and a fruit and if I want to handle them I put a small amount of fruit in my hand.should I give them more veggies? I also give them had boiled egg with diet
Dec 1, 2018

 Currently being stalked

Posted by: Emily Holcombe
Bubbie is loose and playing around the living room. Now he's stalking me. I'm either going to get face kisses or I'm going to be groomed. He takes my hair down before grooming me. This happens after he has gotten his worm. He takes it out of my hand, then hangs upside down on the side of the couch to eat it. Then he starts stalking me. He's so funny sometimes. I love my little guy.
Nov 30, 2018

 Mommies day off

Posted by: Emily Holcombe
So today was one of my day's off. Bubbie of course has to be in my pocket. We cleaned the house first. Then went and done laundry. After laundry, we went and hung out at another bar that I do not work in. He got to see a lot of people he knows. The bartender of course gave him his cherry. As long as I'm within sight, he goes from person to person to say hi and give kisses. We do this once a week. We are home before dark. Socializing your suggie is important. Especially when you don't want them biting anyone. Bubbie bites nobody. Just a tip.
Nov 22, 2018

 Cook celery or raw celery

Posted by: Melomaniac
I want to try giving my little babies some celery because it seems like a lot of people give them to their little suggies, but my question is do you guys give it to them raw or cook it? I have also thought about making a sort of pudding like substance with all their fruits in vegetables in it. So like using baby food and just chopping up all the veggies in a food processor. I dont know. has anyone done that before, and if so what would you suggest using for the substance because I dont even know if they can have baby food.
Nov 21, 2018

 Missing Nails!!!!

Posted by: Mjsnfrd22
So my lil guys nails seem to be falling off... theyre not being ripped off they look as though there are smaller not fully formed nails under his longer harder nails. Hes been sleeping a whole bunch and licking and biting the hang nails off. Ive been watching out for SM but he seems to be doing well so far. I noticed it last night and I was gone for one night before that and he was fine and when I came back he was like this. Im not sure what it is and I called the vet which said to watch out for infection o have betadine but he wont let me put it on him, nor neosporin. Has anyone experienced this?! Im slightly freaking out
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