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Sep 29, 2019

 Help!! My younger sugar glider is aggressive and I don't know what to do!!

Posted by: Aris Newbie
Hey, I'm brand new to this site and I REALLY need advice! I'm 14 and new to owning sugar gliders (I have two) and I'm sure I'm doing most things right, except that I can't figure out why my youngest sugar glider, Skittles, is so mean! Whenever I feed my sugar gliders, Skittles starts crabbing and biting my other sugar glider if she gets close to her. I've only ever seen her act like that about food. They still sleep soundly together in their pouch, so I don't know what's going on and I'm really panicking! My parents told me that giving up one and getting another is not an option, and that if I give up one, I give up both. They also told me that since the sugar gliders were expensive to get, if I have to give them up, they'll also give up all of the other pets that we have! (a dog and two cats) I really don't want to lose any of them, so advice is HIGHLY appreciated!!

Sep 5, 2019

 male glider help

Posted by: kelleyburton
I Have a male glider he is about 12 to 13 years old. he has almost completely lost his hair except on his head. he has no mites no infections. does anyone have any helpful advice. I am so worried about him. he has another male in the cage with him it is actually his offspring. they have been together since birth. his diet has not changed, I have done research but cant seem to find any help.

Aug 14, 2019

 Wodent wheel tragedy

Posted by:
Do you have a Woden wheel ? We just lost one of our girls that we have had for 5 years she must have been trapped by it as we found her trapped - our other glider is fine but that have been together forever will she be ok ?
After tonight I searched injuries from this wheel and was appalled at how many injuries have occurred and why exotic nutrition is still selling it - my order came in Monday and now my sweet girl roo is gone
Has anyone raised one after a loss - will she be ok without her sister
Do I have any recourse against where I bought it or the company who made it ?
Aug 3, 2019

 Dry skin

Posted by: Axlbabyglider
Hi guys,

I just wanted to find out if anyone has any advice on dry skin.

My boy Axl who is currently injured and doesnt have full use of his back legs (dont worry have been to the vet and we are treating it) has been getting little patches of dry skin in his fur that looks like scabs and when you try to brush him, those little patches just come off and the fur is attached to the scab like a flake of dry skin.

I'm not sure if maybe it's because he is unable to completely groom himself hence why I have started helping him by brushing him (which he loves).

Any advice on how to treat this dry skin to avoid his hair falling out?

Jul 26, 2019

 How big should a cage be for 6 gliders?

Posted by: Jazz4395
My dad is going to build a sugar glider cage and I was wondering how big it should be? I have limited space and Im going to make it higher instead of wider. The gliders dont fight and the males are neutered so they dont need extra space to get away from each other.
Jul 22, 2019

 Vet Care Help.

Posted by: Sleepybear
So recently we rescued a glider, we did have to pay for her but it was worth it as the previous owner would not reduce price for vet care after stating that the glider was injured. When the previous owner told us the Glider was injured we thought it was something small, we asked for photos but they didn't send any. We did not see the injury until we went and got her, thus seeing that her foot was extremely swollen and looked necrotic. They explained that a string from a loose pouch had at some point (we believe it had been for a while) wrapped around her toes, the previous owner then noticed and had to use gloves in order to remove her from the cage and remove the string, but by that time it was already to late.

We took her to the vet this past Saturday and we were able to get her on antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication. How ever we still need to get her surgery to have her dead toe removed and possibly the one next to it. This glider was alone for her entire life with no other gliders around, she was also apparently taken from her mother at a very very young age as well, but with everything she has been through she is such a sweet girl with us and is holding on with every fiber of her being and fighting to stay strong and alive.

She was also on a bad diet as well and we have gotten her onto a critter love diet that will improve her fur and health as well.

If you have any info that can help with her recovery, please let us know if you wish to donate to help her, I will add the information here when I get off work (I am currently at work writing this) in the donation fund we have a lot more information on her as well.

Thank you so much.

we do own two other gliders that are separated from her so in time we will be working on placing her with them.

Jul 18, 2019

 Is this normal

Posted by: Oliveandquinoa
I have had my neutered male and female for almost 6 months now and Ive noticed that the male is sometimes rough with my female. I have also noticed a hissing with what sounds like a reverse sneezing over and over and when I go over to check them it looks like they are mating. My male is 92 grams and my female is 68 grams so he really can dominate her and he does. She really seems to love him though. I literally researched these guys for 2 years before buying my pair from a very reputable breeder and in my research Ive never come across the fact that neutered males will still mate. Im not going to lie it bothers me but if this is what happens then Ill just accept that and continue to check her every morning for mating wounds.
Jul 8, 2019

 Not enough suggie resources in japan!

Posted by: Firefix
I am not new to suggies and have always made their food (had 4 when I was younger). Im at a lost living in japan, I had 4 babies dumped on me from watching them. They have always been on pellets. I want to start making their food but cannot find any calcium/multivitamin powder here for them! I have always used TPG and they dont ship here. I have been told I could use other forms of calcium. Any insight? I have researched and find contradicting information.
Jul 6, 2019

 Sugar glider ate a whole cockroach

Posted by: Lindanga
So I'm taking care of this sugar glider for a friend. I've done my research and all so I make sure to deliver her just as healthy as the day she was brought to me. Her companion is on the way so she won't be alone for long. Tonight I let her play freely in the room she's normally in and I found her behind the sofa enjoying a whole cockroach. She just left the legs. I've read that some insects are good for them bc protein and stuff and I've seen her hunt and eat spiders but should I be worried about her eating a whole cockroach. I don't think it came into contact with pesticides.
Jul 4, 2019

 4 Females, 2 Males ?

Posted by: Jazz4395
I have a colony of a male, a female and their two daughters. They recently had twins - a girl and boy. I would like to keep both of them because they are very sweet but I dont know if it would work out between the father and son. Soon Im going to get the father neutered and then also the son before he matures. Would they be able to live together or would they fight to be the dominant glider? I know some male gliders are fine living together, it just depends on their personality.
Jun 30, 2019

 My baby died

Posted by: Boltsmom1210
Two weeks ago my husband and I adopted a 3 month old sugar glider that we named lightning so our other suggie, bolt, could have a brother. This morning he was climbing around the cage like normal, we left the house for the day to celebrate my sons 3rd birthday, ale home, and lightning was on the bottom of the cage spread out like he fell when gliding. Im absolutely upset right now. He was in a separate cage then bolt but right next to him until they became bonded. I dont know if it was stress, or from falling and breaking his neck like others talk about. The cage he was I was about 4 1/2 feet tall. #128557;
Jun 20, 2019

 Nail trimming

Posted by: PebblesAndBambam
One of my gliders is very timid and doesnt let me touch her much at all. Her nails are getting long and Im so worried that shell get stuck on something and get hurt. I put trim tracks in the wheel but she wont use it, Ive tried electric nail files but they just arent strong enough and she wont stay still, and Ive tried clipping them but she hates it and wont stop running away and biting me very hard. I dont want to clip her nails when she is moving so much because I dont want to mess up and hurt her. Please give me any advice Im very worried for her safety and feel like I am out of options. Do I need to take her to a vet to trim them? I dont even think they could do it without sedating her.
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