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Sep 22, 2017

 My glider is walking funny and not jumping around

Posted by: Bossco
Hi , my glider bossco is almost a year when idiots got him he was very heathy and active then he started walking weird his legs go out straight to the side his stomach drags on the ground I know he can bend his arms but yet he still walks with his arms staight out it only happens on a flat surface or on the bottom of his cage he. He also can jump he used to be very good at jumping now he can't even jump around his cage I'm very concerned I want. To take him to the vet but it's quite far and want to know if it's worth going please help me I'm very worried.!!

Sep 19, 2017

 Bonded gliders aggressive to cagemate

Posted by: Kaitlyn6
I bought a trio of sugar gliders maybe 4 months ago. 2 females and 1 unaltered male. They were fine for a while but then the male and one of the females started being aggressive towards the other female. Now that female hides all the time. If she does come out she is shaking. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? I'm afraid they will kill her.
Sep 17, 2017

 Gliders not eating

Posted by: Christine7171
Hello everyone. I have 2 gliders, a make and female. I feed them HPW, pellets, fresh fruits and veggies. They are not touching the pellets at all and eating very little HPW, if any at all. It doesn't seem like there eating much of the fruits and veggies eaither. They are 8 months old, I got them a mo the ago. When I first got them they ate all of the HPW , pellets and some of the fruits and veggies. This has been going on now for almost 2 weeks and I'm getting very nervous. Any thoughts ? Should I take away the fruits and veggies for a few days and see if they will start eating the HPW and pellets again ? Please help

Sep 16, 2017

 Male Glider Mounting other Male Glider

Posted by: VTglidergal88
My boyfriend and I have two male sugar gliders Creature and Casper. About a month or two Casper mounted Creature and injured him. Since then we have been keeping them in separate cages letting them have supervised playtime and we swap their cages every night so that both scents are in both of the cages. Creature and Casper have been doing really well with the supervised playtime and cuddling in the pouch together, so we made the decision to put them back in the same cage together on Thursday night. They did great Thursday night and all day Friday, however on Friday night early Saturday morning we heard them them crabbing at each other and my boyfriend went to check on them and found Casper trying to mount Creature. So to prevent another injury we separated them again. Casper and Creature have been cage mates for 3-4yrs and haven't had any issues like this before we have heard them crabbing at one another before but they usually stop and have never cause injury to one another. We are unsure what to do and we don't to have to keep them separated with the fear that they will get depressed and possibly die. We want to do what is best for our fur babies.
Sep 11, 2017

 New Owner!

Posted by: jackatha
I just recently adopted a single sugar glider (who previously had a cage mate, that ended up getting lost outside). He seems to be getting used to my boyfriend and I but I would love to hear any tips/tricks about bonding, cage furnishings, etc.

The couple we got him from had no toys/wheels/nests for him, only a food dish, water bottle, heating rock and small cave.
(here are a few pictures of Thomas now :) )

Aug 31, 2017

 Help now

Posted by: Gliderlover69
Help guys, I've recently bought my 4th of these after my 3rd died after just 2 months... (been only 2 days with my new baby) and named it Gus (it's a dude) so I've been finding lots of cool stuff to do with the boy and I just found the best thing. I put him on my ceiling fan and slowly turn up the speed till he falls off then I catch him. So it's like a 10ft ceiling, pretty high so about 10 mins ago I was watching him up there until I got a text, awnsered it and all of a sudden the silly thing wasn't there, I stepped forward to find him and crunch. :( Im a big guy (6'4, 260lbs) and i think I really really hurt the thing :/ he hasn't moved and I think he is in serious trouble as I lifted him up and he wouldn't flip over to be on all fours he just lays on his back and hardly has his beautiful eyes open. Should I call the vet or just give him treats/ food and water till he's better!?? I'd hate to have to buy another one that would be my 4th in 8 months they keep getting themselves into accidents or randomly getting really sick.
Aug 26, 2017

 Skunky Suggie

Posted by: amandalynn202
I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. One of my boys lately has been giving off a skunk smell. Not all the time just occasionally. I was having bonding time in my bathroom and he was just chilling on my shoulder and suddenly that's all I could smell. We live on a farm and do have skunks o I thought maybe with the windows open it was just one passing by the house. But then it happened again later the same day. Than again that evening when I got him out. Just Bug has the smell his brother Boo does not. The next day because I had been making tons of new toys and things for them (and they t was that time anyway) to do a through cage cleaning took everything out and washed and cleaned put some new toys in and I actually d made some really cool tunnels for them put everything back in and about 10 minutes later the skunk smell was permeating through the cage. I'm wondering if it is because he was stressed possibly. I have them on a proper staple diet they have a large cage I get them out EVERY DAY at least once (usually an hour in the morning and anywhere from 1-3 hours about an hour after they wake up in the evening). Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue if I should be concerned and if I need to take him to the vet ASAP? They are both intact males around 6 months OOP.
Aug 24, 2017

 Need Help

Posted by: jasmine82m

I have 2 sugar gliders one female and one male ( neutered) they are about 1 year and 2 months. Had them since they were 8 weeks old. August 22 this past Tuesday I bought a 3 1/2 month old female. I did an introduction first to my females in a tent it went well stood in tent a good 30 min with both females, i took the female out and introduced my new baby to my male again everything went smooth for 30 min. Then I decided to bring them all together in the tent. Then all hell broke loose my two sugars gliders kept attacking the baby glider. What did I do wrong... I left the baby in tent and put the other two in there cage. My new baby is in her own cage by my female and male cage. Also my new one wont eat. All she ate since wednesday was a slice of apple. I did put in her cage my hpw for her and fruits and veggies. My new baby did drink water last night (wednesday).. Any suggestions on what to do. Or how about my other two gliders accepting the new baby into colony? I dont want the new baby all alone for I know that can be stressful and may die? Thanks for any advice
Aug 23, 2017

 Sugar Glider Biting Hard - see bold print

Posted by: RYAN860
Recently I adopted a female sugar glider, about 1yr of age. It was openly disclosed to me, I am the 3rd owner and she was not handled often. Like ferrets, they are often neglected, which is exactly why I decided to adopt and put in the hard work to bond. Im a first time gilder owner and owner of 3 ferrets.

Day 1 went extremely well. Day 2 She bit the hell out of me drawing blood in multiple spots. After tons of research and reading through heaping piles of posts from long term owners about incorrect handling or bonding techniques.... I heavily weighed that as an option, but decided it wasn't the case and further assessed

I had hand fed her a meal worm after digging around in the container to pick one up. Her level of excitement and chatter was through the roof. It was adorable, until...her snack was finished of course. I was bitten 5-8 times... 3 of which drew blood... the last bite landing on my pinky where the nail and skin meet (extremely painful).

so I looked at this situationally, and really assessed and researched what had happened. The recurring theme seemed to be mealworms, and adopted, or new gliders. Scientifically speaking, these marsupials are rely heavily on scent to identify. Being a new owner, and her not knowing my scent... and having her favorite snacks scent on my fingers... I think confusion/excitement is all it was. she was nippy for most of the night, but it seemed to be mostly territorial, and the light bites seemed to be out of nervousness and lack of handling from previous owners. Again later that night I fed her mealworms and she kept ferociously trying to bite.

Solution: I only feed her meal worms while she is in her cage. I wash my hands and wait a couple of minutes before handling her. Perhaps in time she will learn not to bite me once we are bonded and all the unfamiliar scents aren't confusing / overwhelming.

Aug 14, 2017

 Sugar glider hpw complete. Diet.

Posted by: Melomaniac
I'm trying to figure out this hpw complete. Is all you need for the diet hpw complete Glider complete pellets and the powder that makes a pudding like substance? Or do you need anything else, like extra vitamins. Also, do any of you guys feed your sugar gliders this diet? If so how do they like it and if not would you recommend any other diets.
Aug 9, 2017

 how can i build the bonding with my sugar gliders?

Posted by: Joyce Chan
my two babies are about 8 months old now. they are not bonding with me. they like to play out of the cage. when i'm around, expect for feeding time, they run away. won't let me touch them.
what can i do??
Aug 9, 2017


Posted by: Beth919
Hi, I just got my first glider Monday from a friend who didn't have time for him. When I first open cage and try and get him out, he makes a loud noise. I'm guessing he's stressed. Is this typical? I've been wearing him in bonding pouch. Any other suggestions to help him adjust to his new home?

He is 1 1/2 yes old. He's been by himself all this time. But I'm considering getting him a buddy once he adjusts to new home. Good or bad idea? Thanks in advance for thoughts/recommendations!
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