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The "Gliderpedia" is a community-supported encyclopedic collection of knowledge that relates to Sugar Gliders. The information here is in a Wiki format, which means that the community can make and edit documents, and changes appear immediately. Click around a bit and explore all the articles, things are always changing.

To become an editor, simply post a request in the forum, preferably in the gliderpedia discussion forum. You can also post there if you have any specific questions about the Gliderpedia. If you have questions about Sugar Gliders, please post in the sugar glider forum instead.

The Gliderpedia discussion forum is where ideas on procedures, article changes, and more are discussed and documented. If you're interested in becoming an editor, please feel free to contribute to any gliderpedia discussions, either old or new.

Making Stuff

As a member of the community, you are able to create or edit wiki documents and by doing so you are adding to the knowledge base on the Gliderpedia. You must be logged in as an editor to access that feature. Please read the article below for important specifics.
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There are 247 animal related articles in the Gliderpedia. Type a search term in the box above and press Go, or you can find articles by doing any of the following:
  1. Click on the very first sugar glider article which has links and a basic menu to other articles.
  2. View the article index and Browse by title.

Sugar Gliders
You'll find a lot of information about sugar gliders here in the Gliderpedia. Here are a few articles to get you started.

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