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This is a simple list of community favorites for your sugar gliders. Many of the links go to ebay or amazon or wherever else and many are monetized with affiliate information of this web site where possible.


Large Tower Cage

30" x 18" x 56" - 30,240 cubic inches on an 18" stand

A very popular tower style cage for sugar gliders. Many know this as the Exel branded cage. It has two large doors and comes with stand and wheels.
J&M Exotics Sturdy Tower Cage

30" x 18" x 56" - 30,240 cubic inches on an 18" stand

Another sturdy tower cage with a stand.
A&E Large Corner Aviary Cage

Various sizes:
100G-1 - 52" x 42" x 74"
100G-2 - 44" x 35" x 67"
100G-3 - 37" x 30" x 61"

Corner cages can be a very good use of space but most will be too large to take out a doorway and some can have very odd access to clean out trays.
Hexagonal Aviary Bird Cage

Various sizes

Some people prefer the ornate look of a Hex cage. Be careful though as most are hard to manipulate and will not fit through doorways for maintenance.
A&E Extra Large Flight Cage

40" x 30" x 62" - 74,400 cubic inches

LOTS of internal cage space. This cage is the absolute best use of floor space to keep sugar gliders. Be careful though as it may not fit through many opened doors. 30" is pretty wide.
Pitched roof aviary cage

32" x 28" x 61" - 54,656 cubic inches
43" x 32" x 64" - 88,064 cubic inches
TWO Budget Tower Cages

This is a popular listing for two budget tower style cages. You can remove the shared walls and tie them together to make a very large flight cage that is affordable and manageable.
Examples: #1, #2
Stealth Wheel

The Stealth is the original open hubless wheel designed for sugar gliders. It can free-stand or attach to cage wall.
Sansbug Foldup Net Tent with Floor

This is a really neat tent that has the best of everything and comes in three sizes. There is a solid floor, lots of mesh for venting and the entire thing folds up into a carrying bag. This is great for play time and also for your own beach time.
Genji Net Tent

The most popular pop-up easy to use and easy to store play tent.
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by Caroline MacPherson
Sugar Gliders As Your New Pet

by Dennis Kelsey-Wood