Subject: Re: picky glider stuffs himself with new food
Posted by Thresa on November 02, 1997 at 17:20:24:

In Reply to: picky glider stuffs himself with new food posted by Clara on November 02, 1997 at 16:09:19:

: I usually make a glider salad including lettuce, watermelon, honeydew, snow peas (he loves these), carrots, apples, pears, plums, peaches, grapes, etc.
: He doesn't pay too much attention to any foods except the snow peas. He actually prefered his dry food (iams catfood, parrot food, and Zoofare). Last night I gave him
: canned corn and he sat there and ate all of it quickly. I gave him a little more this morning and he actually woke up to eat it!

: It was also very hard to make sure he was getting enough supplements (I have only been able to find powdered where I live), so I mix a small amount with 1 tsp. of honey.
: He will always eat all of this.

:Mine too. I think they like variety and they also get bored with the same thing too many times in a row. They eat the heck out of something one night, but if I give it to them night after night, they don't touch it.

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