Subject: Re: SICK BABIES
Posted by Kim James Lenzi on November 03, 1997 at 23:31:39:

In Reply to: Re: SICK BABIES posted by G. Koller on October 28, 1997 at 10:42:37:

: : My friend has had two Sugar Gliders for about a
: : year now they have not been tame they were not born in
: : captivity. They live mostly in a thick cloth pouch, like a
: : large pocket hanging from the top of their cage. Yesterday
: : noises were coming from their pouch and she looked in and
: : found two babies. One looked bigger but later that day when
: : we went back and looked the smaller one died while we were
: : holding the pouch. We moved the pouch around quite a bit
: : but did not touch them. We removed the dead baby and the
: : larger one was moving around a lot and tring to climb out
: : of the pouch. He didn't have his eyes open or much hair
: : but he looked pretty well developed. The next day she
: : found him also dead and obviously either disposed of or
: : killed by his parents. Do you think that our disruption
: : caused them to stress out? Why would they have survived
: : two or three months and then both die in one day? I'm
: : looking for answers to better our next effort. Please
: : respond and send me and information you think I might need
: : to better my chances. I would love to know more Web Page
: : Addresses. Thanks, Jennie.

: Hi Jennie,

: Sorry about the death of your babies!
: I am wondering if they had matured to the point where they
: could not be connected to "Mama's nipple". It may be that
: they let go, or were disconnected inadvertently before they
: should have. This happens periodically. After the baby
: connects to the nipple, the nipple swells, effectually keeping
: it in the babies mouth. If the baby becomes disconnected,
: it will not be able to reconnect and will die from lack of
: nurishment. Lots of jarring from an active/stressed out
: mother could have caused the problem.

: Their is a lot better sugar glider forum located at:
: ""

: Good Luck!

we have two babies that may have disconnected one did
okay and is adjusting in his new home however the other
one is not doing so well ...justwhen we think she is going to start getting her straingth back she gets weak and stops
eating warm soft monkey chow is the stuff she is eating now but i a couple of days it could change! does any body
know what exactly we should be giving her to get her
growing at a normal pace and keep her energy level up?
i would greatly apprectiate any sugestions and replys!!
we are so attached to the little one and would like to see her be as mischevious as the others!! Thank you!!

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