Subject: Re: I am back!
Posted by Cheri on May 13, 1999 at 08:06:46:

In Reply to: I am back! posted by Kady on May 12, 1999 at 22:44:14:

Hi Kady,

I'm Cheri, I don't believe we have met before. I am about 5-months old to this board, about 2 months really active. I have only 1 glider at the moment, "Gizmo", he came OOP on March 6th. I had "Milo" before Gizmo, and lost Milo to a tragic accident :>( My birthday is coming up next week and I hope to be getting a girl for Gizmo, she will be named "Mila". I want them to have only 1 set of joeys so that we can have one big happy family :>)

Anyhoo, nice to have you back!
Cheri and Gizmo ~Q>

: I am back on here to try to help all those glider owners out there that I can. I am also back to see if I might can learn a little more myself. I missed you all but not the slamming lol!

: Kady

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