Subject: You gotta hear about this!!!!!
Posted by Thresa on November 07, 1997 at 21:20:35:

This morning, I was trying to figure out a way to keep more than one or two gliders with me all day. I give each one attention every day and like to keep one or two with me all day. I have a "Crown Royal" bag I like to carry them in. I had never carried more than one at a time in it before today. I started putting them into the bag until I had five inside, to my surprise, they all cuddled up settled down right away. Each one is content to be in the bag by its self, so I really wanted to see what they'd do with company in there. They were a ball together in that bag. In fact it reminded me of how a sleeping baby wrapped in a blanket feels, I sat in the rocking chair with them for a long time. I even took them all in the bag with me on an errand, again, it reminded me of a baby in a blanket. I just fell in love again. Nobody told me I could do that.............I hope it's ok...........they seemed to enjoy it, I know I did. I'd like to know what other people do for fun with their sugar glider(s), what they do to keep them company and do to keep them tame and happy.

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