Subject: Re: When to take my new glider out of his cage?
Posted by FROGGER on November 10, 1997 at 13:39:02:

In Reply to: When to take my new glider out of his cage? posted by Snooky on November 07, 1997 at 17:09:44:

: I just got a male glider, he is 8 months old we have had him5 days now, the first couple of nights he was very scaredhe has come a ways since then, he takes food from our handand also lets us pet him while he is in his cage on a branch.He has put his front feet on my hand to take corn from me,my question is, how long should we wait before we try to get him out of his cage? Is the best time at night when heis awake, or during the day while he is sleeping? Being that he is 8 months old do you think he will still bond to me?Any suggestions will be welcomed. Thanks!

I got my male when he was about the same age! and today we are well bonded I take them out of the cage any time that I want them with me. Day, Nite just anytime you want to have them with you. mine are only in the cage when I am asleep.......the more that you have them out and with you the better and sooner they will bond...Hope this is of some help.

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