Subject: No one is forcing you to read the postings or to post a message. If you feel that way, do us all a favor and DON'T. n/m.
Posted by Lisa on July 01, 1999 at 14:52:04:

In Reply to: You're all out of control posted by Joey on July 01, 1999 at 13:47:00:

: I've been watching this board for a few weeks and I have to say one thing--some people are out of their minds! They spend their entire day sitting around and posting stupid messages to this board on how they play with their gliders at 4am and that anyone who does not do this is treating their gliders badly--Gimme a break! These people are obviously obsessed and are beyond any human help--maybe they should see a vet about their compulsive and addictive behavior.

: I own 2 gliders and I love playing with them too but I don't write nasty emails to other people about how they're unfit to have a glider as a pet.

: People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!!!!

: Get a freakin life and leave the rest of us alone!!

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