Subject: Merry-Go-Cages
Posted by Maggie on July 01, 1999 at 17:01:00:

Hi- I recently brought home an adult pair of gliders with a baby in pouch (should come OOP in about a month). Problem is, the male is NOT the daddy and I have to keep him caged seperately. As I hope to pair him with this mom, any suggestions on housing him in the meantime? Right now, the girl has the "deluxe" condo and I have the boy in a smaller cage near by. They are obviously interested in each other, have been thoroughly marking the closest sides of their respective cages. She doesn't seem nervous with him close by, what do you think? I feel bad for him- he SO wants to be with her but I've been advised the baby could be killed. Am I helping or teasing this boy by leaving him next to the girl?

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