Subject: New Owner, Baby Gliders, Old Questions and Fears
Posted by Michelle on July 02, 1999 at 00:19:40:

Hi! I am a new glider owner and I live in Colorado.
I got a pair of gliders in about mid May.
They are doing great so far, I think.
They often come out at the same time of day to play with me,
they get along with each other and they seem to be in good
health. I purchased them from a Pet Store in the area and
I have no idea what their background is. My two concerns
are these: 1) I am afraid to let them just wander around
my apartment for fear they may get lost or decide to take
off for good. How do you go about easing yourself and
your gliders into freely roaming around a room without
trying to restrict everything they do? and 2)What are
the necessary steps to becoming a licensed breeder. I have
checked and in Colorado, there are no Special Licensing Laws
but I have also heard that you need to have birth certificates
for your little critters before you can breed them? Is that
the general consensus out there? If anyone has any helpful
information, I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

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