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well taht explains it TFH publications publish the Dennis Kelsey wood book that is FULL of inaccuracies.
They probably will not listen, I was amazed when critters cited my warning page as one of three glider URLs I thought it showed amazing sense for a publication as most just want glossy pics!
: : Tim,
: : Could you check that Fuzzy Creatures Sugar Glider mag for a phone number or e-mail address to the editor? If you find it, please post it here so we can all tell 'em what we think of their glider issue. :P *hehehe* Thanks!!

: : --Heather **glider love and hugs**

: Ok. I have the magazine staring me in the face. first, the publishing company is
: T.F.H. publications, Inc.
: One T.F.H. Plaza
: Third and Union Avenues
: Neptune City, NJ 07753

: Ok. no phone numbers were given in this magazine.
: Fuzzy Creatures Quarterly

: Chief Executive officer Glen S. Axelrod
: Chief Operating Officer Barry duke
: Editor-in -Chief Marilee Talman
: Editor Sean Courtney

: Sorry, this is all I could find in it. Like I said, no phone numbers. May have to go through many different channels to get in touch with the right person. hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can give to you out of this expensive magazine.
: Tim

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