Subject: Agree with both
Posted by Heather on July 02, 1999 at 11:19:47:

In Reply to: Re: Now that brings us to research and education posted by Jane on July 02, 1999 at 08:45:12:

I have to say that I agree completely with both of you. I researched for a VERY long time, but because I never had a book (Called EVERY bookstore in town--no glider books...finally ordered one from Amazon, but it came after I already had my glider) and none of what I found at the library had pictures, or information as to when they should be weaned. I learned too late what to look for to tell me the age-- which is why I was angry at the breeder for claiming to have no idea how old the glider was. I didn't even get an estimate. I asked if she could eat solid foods and was assured that she could, and I trusted this. BUT, it was wrong information. I agree Bourgon, that if the breeder and myself had both been more educated as to weaning age, everything would have worked out great. And I do also agree with you, Jane, VERY MUCH SO, that instinct and nature are involved in the weaning process, and that too many breeders are concerned more with getting the cash quicker than they are with raising healthy and happy gliders.

: That si fine, but I only weaned my babies later from common sense and a love of my gliders. I didn't learn from any book, I learnt from my heart. I worry about people who wean early taht they do not listen to their heart and common sense but to their bank account and taht is a little difficult to remedy.
: : if the breeder was told by someone who also had gliders for many, many years that it was okay to do this,and as we know sometimes things don't happen over night. But now that the breeder is eductaed about it.. now what?? they are already slamed on the glider board. and they haven't a chance of proving themselves worthy of change. So what good is education.. If not given a chance to be utilized? It was said that Heather had a chance to educate herself as to know what to look for, she gets a second chance.. but now what of the breeder? I too advised her not to get another from them, however; That was before I talked with them. It would have been different if they got very defensive, and claimed they know what to do. But the fact is too many people are breeding them, WITHOUT all the info they need to ensure happy healthy pets. Too many people rush in and buy a PAIR to breed, only to not have the knowledge or the resources as to the newest updates.. These are sad facts.. Sure all problems would be solved if EVERYONE researched throughout the lives of their glider. Again, it doesn't happen.. I am not saying either side is totally fault free, nor am I saying that they are totally at fault. What I am saying, is with education, both sides would have known what to watch for...

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