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Posted by Joyce on July 02, 1999 at 11:23:26:

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: Hi everyone... I wouldn't post this message here, except there is a glider section, so I felt that it was appropriate. Anyway, this is a link to one of my under construction websites. I've been doing rescue... I stopped for a couple months, so there aren't any animals for adoption right now. BUT there will be soon. The main thing, is I just wanted to make sure I get it out there again. Please pass the URL on if you can, especially if you know of anyone who could potentially be a Foster Parent to needy animals. Thanks, everyone. The help is really appreciated.

: --Heather
Let me know when you do have some animals for adoption. I am very aware of the ARF foundation. i adopted my three year old dog from ARF. She was abused and less than a year old with a litter of puppies. She was abused and not
cared for at all. she only weighed 17lbs. She is now a happy, 47lb coach potato.
She loves to ride on my parents motorcycle and goes out for ice cream with her new mom and dad. Good luck and
let me know when you have animals for adoption. I would rather adopt an unwanted or neglected older pet, than a young one who will likely become adopted first.
Let me know.

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