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Posted by Lea on July 03, 1999 at 00:16:31:

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My glider loves his ball too, but like yours, was unsure at first. I however, found a small "mini" ball that he likes even better. Keep your eyes open for one of those! You may need to tape the door though, they can open easily.
I also have a hammock that I put in the cage, and my little boy Peanut likes to get on it and then "wrestle" with my hand. I found that baby toys make some of the best things for glider play. I shop garage sales, thrift stores and dollar stores to find stuff. I hang them from the top of his cage by old shower curtain rings, which I also found at these places. The best ones have large moving beads, bells, mirrors(he's a little vain) and blocks. I also look at the bird toys in pet stores for ideas, and then go home and make my own. It is much less expensive that way!
If you just want something from around the house, try old paper towel rollers, empty cardboard canisters- such as the ones oatmeal comes in, and cotten balls. Try putting a few kleenex in the canisters, Peanut loves that !

Happy Glider Play!!!

: Just wondering.... on impulse, I got my glider a big ole hampster ball and a little hammock. In your opinions, is that a good or a bad move??? She seems a little apprehensive,yet curious, about both! Any other ideas for cage toys??

: Thank you!

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