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:I am a newbie here, and I don't want to step on anyones toes here, but, i feel compelled to answer this..... You say you would like to have a glider but can't offer much money for one. I don't know you from adam therefore I don't doubt that you wouldn't offer a really good home to one, but my question is.... if you don't have much money to pay the purchase price, then how would you afford vet bills, food, toys, cage, etc.? I understand what its like to be on a fixed income, but these are all things you have to take into consideration when owning a pet. I for one spend a good dollar on food for my little guys. Even if you were to keep them on a diet of brisky's, that's not a cheap alternative. it still seems pretty expensive to me.
A good exotic vet can run up some nice bills too. sure the office call may be cheap, but what happens if your little guy should get sick??? some of the tests they may run on them can rack you for a pretty penny. How would you feel if you couldn't afford those tests and your glider were to die because of it?? and what about a cage. do you have one??/ if so, what size is it??? bigger is always better with these little guys. My first cage I got was 24x24x48. It was a flight cage for birds, and that cost me $259.00. and sometimes I feel that that isn't even big enough for the 2 that I have in it. My other cages are 36x36x60 and 36x36x48. those I ended up building but still the pvc wire cost me $150.00. Not to mention the custom trays i had to have made for them and all the climbing goodies and toys that furnish that cage.
Please forgive me if you think I'm just being mean. I'm not. I'm just trying to put things into perspective.


hey I am looking for a glider (preferably a young male) I cant offer much money but i can assure a good home. I have a very tiny cat but she is full grown and only about 6" tall but she wouldnt hurt a mouse ( I know she lives in close quarters with one.) So if you have one Id be glad to hear from you. I will take any age, but I can not offer much money.
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