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Hi Donna, Welcome!!!
I can only answer part of one of your questions. I have two rescue girls that were named Cruella D'Ville and Ursula (after the sea witch) because they were so nasty and frightened. Well after one week of handling and consistancy they started to settle down...and continue to do so. But they were miserable until I introduced them to my twin boys that are little sweetie pies! They have been together for 2 weeks now and the girls have changed their whole disposition and are very happy. They still won't let me hold them but the boys still come out for romps on my shoulders. They did not pick up the nasty behaviour, they actually helped show the girls I am trust worthy! :o))
I have given new names by the way...couldn't be so mean as to saddle them with those mean ol' ladies names...they are now Ellie and Precious. And all are happy campers now!!

: Hi! If you don't recognize my name, it's because I'm new here. I have ONE male glider, named Flare.

: He's a perfect angel, however he is showing signs of being a "lonely glider". (I just recently found that this could cause stress.) He is sexually mature, so I suppose getting a male roomie is out of the question. I am looking into getting a female, but she was previous breeding stock (that lost her mate), and hasn't been handled. I don't mind that, but I don't won't him to pick up her behavior. I also don't want babies, so should I fix Flare or the female? Will the procedure be 1) dangerous, or 2) effective on either's behavior? Will it cause either animal stress due to unsuccessful breeding? Do you have any other suggestions?

: Thanks SOOO much!
: Donna

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