Subject: Re: Chipmunks ---- HELP
Posted by Whitney on July 06, 1999 at 13:27:50:

In Reply to: Chipmunks ---- HELP posted by Thor on July 05, 1999 at 20:12:17:

Congratulations! You have contacted the right person! actually, you've contacted the very good friend of the right person. My friend Lindsey has two Chipmunks which bred and now she has six babies! she cared for them from the time they were born--of course, the parents were there, which makes a differece. But she got her male and female from a breeder in MO. i'm sure she could help you, or atleast, forward you to her breeders. i'm not quite sure of her e-mail address, but I could try calling her. I will also leave a post for my best friend Jane, she, or her dad may have some info for you, or they may know her breeders, I hope this helps you, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Oh, by the way about taking them in, how long have they been without a mother? If she doesn't come back soon, she most likely will not come at all, which means there is no harm in taking them to your house for treatment.

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