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Posted by Nikki on July 07, 1999 at 09:52:21:

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: I have put up several messages concering bonding with my new sugar glider. It is progressing slowly, but there is signs of real improvement. The other day I got her out, and she put up no fight. It was one of the first times this has happened. She played all evening. Then when I went to bed I put her back in her cage. The next day she was still reluctant to get out when I tried. I use several different methods of getting her out. I either put honey on my fingers and let her crawl out. Or I get her favorite food, which is yogurt and place it on my hand. I was wondering how long before I can quit putting food on my hand and she will come out?
She will take as long as she likes. She building up a trust with you. When she's ready she start coming to you and
ignoring the food on your fingers/hand. Once in a while try putting your hand in the cage without food and see
what happens. She's just learning to trust you and as everyone knows you've either got to learn or earn trust. Got
luck with the bonding. Sounds like you've been doing a good job. Just be patient.
Nikki,Wickit, and Little Bit

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