Subject: breeding questions
Posted by dena on July 10, 1999 at 21:28:27:

our glider's boo and beau recently had twins... a boy and a girl, they are 4 weeks out of pouch and i have some concerns. well, first being that i found boo and beau mating again, how soon can she get pregnant after she's had the joeys? another concern i had was if i keep them all together will they eventually try mating with eachother? i know that they like to live in a family unit, but i of course don't want them breeding with eachother. i would really like ot keep them all together and i've also thought about getting both the males (the joey when he's old enough) fixed. But i would really love just one more joey before i take that step. both boo and beau are doing wonderful, they're great 1st time parents. boo wasn't the friendliest little critter since i've had her, but now that she's a mama she is amazingly sweet. the babies are prescious. please forward any advice to i would really appreciate it... thanks dena

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