Subject: Re: Gliders and all other exotics removed from pet store!
Posted by JO on July 11, 1999 at 19:25:07:

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I have found the same problem here. We have purchased 6 exotics over the last 8 months, from 3 different pet stores. After I got USDA approval, I found out that none of them sold us pets legally. I asked my USDA contact about what they would do, and I found out that If they were well taken care of, the animals would not be removed. What does happen with exotics when they go to the hands of local agencies, they usually are put to sleep cause they do not know how to take care of them. I was advised to write to our local humane societies and offer help. Write them a letter telling them that you would like to be there for them. You would have a better chance USDA licensed, and after the first rescue, they will start to spread the word.

HOpe this helps....


: The pet store I always go to for glider food up until this last week sold all kinds of exotics including gliders. They told me months and months ago that they did not have to have a USDA license because they had been open so long that they could sell them under the grandfather clause.

: ell, guess not! Evidently the USDA came in last week and removed all their exotics. They had gliders, baby skunks, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and hedgehogs...all removed.

: I hate to have seen this happen to them. They might have been misinformed as far as the license was concerned and maybe they should have checked into it a little more...but they always took great care of their animals and it's sad for them to loose them this way.

: As far as the animals themselves....what do you think the USDA would do with them once they are removed? They wouldn't put them down would they? It seems to me that the whole purpose of the license is to protect and regulate the the animals being sold....not to dispose of them.

: Let me know what you think!

: Tiffani

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