Subject: Feeding Crickets
Posted by Lea on July 12, 1999 at 07:19:42:

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In addition to a permanant grey and black growth on my side,
I am also the proud parent of a few reptiles. I have found that crickets will live quite a while if you keep a wet cotten ball and some dry fish flakes in the container that you house them in. You may also want to keep the container in a closet, crickets seem to prefer the dark, and the closed closet door will help reduce the noisy cricket chirps if you just can't get used to them.
Some people give their crickets slices of orange and apple for food and water. This gets pretty nasty, and attracts fruit flies. The fish food and cotten ball are much cleaner.
I recommend you get cotten balls that are actually cotten and not the synthetic kinds. The real cotten ones hold more water, and do not dry out as quickly. Change your cotten ball daily, to help keep your cricket container clean.
If you are not squimish about handling the crickets, you can grasp them lightly and break off the lower half only of their back legs. This disables them from being able to jump. Then, you can place them in any shallow slick sided container and offer them to your glider. Well I hope this has been of some help. Krista, I am deeply saddened by your loss, I know your friend appreciates your concern for his beloved pet, and he will be the guardian angel watching over both of you.


: You can put them in a tupperware container (high enough
: sides so they don't jump out), attach it to the side
: of the cage. If she wants them, she'll hang from the sides
: and pick one up. After she eats the first one, she'll
: come running when you bring more...until then, she may not
: be interested in them.

: It's a good idea to put a little grass slightly damp in there.
: The crickets seem to die quickly if they don't have something.

: I'm sure there are better ways to feed crickets, maybe someone
: will share their ideas. Mine come running if I have my hand
: closed. Then they pry my fingers apart looking for a cricket.

: -Thomas

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