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Posted by Tim on July 13, 1999 at 00:39:37:

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: HI! I was wondering if anyone has directions on how to build a 3' by 3' by 6' glider cage? The only directions I have found are how to build the regular 2' by 2' by 3' and i'm not sure how much to multiply the numbers to get the right measurements for the cage I want. Please help and let me know what size cages you have to house two gliders. Thanks and bye-bye :)
Ok, thats about the dimensions of the one i built. Mine is 30" by 30" by 6 feet. first are you shure you want it to be 3 by 3. Mine at 30" barely fits out the door. If you can't clean the cage it is not very good. This way I can take it outside and hose it off. I had ordered the wire from Klubertanz. I got 50 feet (way too much). I wanted extra for a travel style cage anyways. I got the 1 by 1/2 '' pvc coated wire. It cost a total of 137 dollars including j clips and pliers.
I first cut out four of the six foot sections. (wire is 30" diameter). Cut out 2 30" panels for top and bottom. Attached all the edges with j-clips. I put them every oh bout 2 inches apart. I am still workingon the door. I made a huge opening, (i can even get inside) to make cleaning easier. I attached a strip of wire for a sort of shelf where their food dishes are.
I have not yet attached the door. I still don't know quite what I want to do for the bottom of the cage so the wire floor is up off the underlying surface. Working on finding some branches that are long enough. Well hope this helps some. If you want more info, just post or e-mail me.

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