Subject: Re: Lonliness
Posted by Bourbon on July 13, 1999 at 12:21:37:

In Reply to: Lonliness posted by Bourbon, anyone?? on July 13, 1999 at 08:18:30:

Shianne, you must allow her a few days for her grieving. as long as she is eating and drinking.. I would put a NEW pouch in..and begin the bonding process with her.. while she is in her grieving, offer her lots of treats while she is still in the cage. let her out more when you are home..If It were me I wouldn't be too quick to get her a mate yet..She has been traumatized by this death, she obviously was out with him when he fell. or whatever happened. Offer her applesauce on your finger tips and don't force her to do anything that she don't want to do. At this time it may only make her more upset. How would you feel? what would you want to do? as long as she is eating allow her to grieve. But don't leave her in her cage too much alone. Don't worry about carrying her if she has a problem with the pouch at this time. Talk softly carry lots of good treats..try to play with her on her terms right now.. Good Luck and keep us posted..

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