Subject: Found a vet to neuter my gliders
Posted by Donna Pearlman on July 13, 1999 at 16:16:27:

I just wanted to share some information with all of you, since I received lots of helpful e-mail in my search for a vet to neuter my gliders.I am going to take my gliders up to the College of Veterinary Medicine-University of Florida, Gainesville Fl.I wrote a letter to them and Dr. Pye of the university e-mailed and called me on the phone. He has experience neutering gliders and also comes from Austrailia.He is charging 60.00 each plus 16.00 to have them checked over before the surgery.The only inconvience is that because of the distance I live (2 hrs), I will need to stay over a night, as he wants to keep Zen and Poe for observation, just in case there's a problem.I will still keep the vet I have now for checkups, but I feel alot better having someone neuter my babies that has experience.

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