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Posted by Bourbon on July 13, 1999 at 21:51:03:

In Reply to: Roll call... posted by Ms. Shell on July 13, 1999 at 20:23:50:

I am older than the dirt i stand on, hehehe have according to some 17 kids ?? where they got that figure from who knows.. I live in TN have gliders and beagles, I spend all my free time researching gliders, helping new glider owners, I work with problem teens, gliders (older and biting usually) specializing in bonding of older gliders , and plenty of attitudes. I am a very vocal person on the researching and care of gliders. My phone bills are usually higher than most people pay for their house payments. I usually don't get mad at people , just at issues.. I am an advocate for the gliders, and I will fight to save just one if possible. I am a person with good intentions and have no problem saying what is on my mind. (except once hehehe) I also am the webmaster of Sugar Glider Info which is a web site dedicated to new owners and wanna be new owners, as well as research developements..Contrary to common beliefs I don't know it all, but have no problem looking till I find the answers or asking others to.. I take a firm stand on the responsible ownership of gliders and the research involved with providing the proper care and management of them. SO.. If I come off harsh.. well, seems to be my nature.. I have been called just about everything in the book, but most commonly known as Bourbon, I am currently in a group of others that spend many hours still researching controversial issues regarding gliders. I have been asked many times to contact breeders that had less than ethical practices concerning the sales of gliders, simply because of the stand I take. I take the ownership of gliders as a serious responsibility, and many times have put myself and my reputation on the line to save the lives of gliders.

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