Subject: Re: Need a new friend and a little advice for Clowie....
Posted by Nikki on July 14, 1999 at 09:12:18:

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: I know I haven't posted for a while, but don't worry. All has been going fine. I have been feeding clowie mixed veggies and fruits, either some hardboiled eggs or meal worms, and a constant supply of dried food (it is a parrot food called fruit frenzy) and she seems to be doing fine. I have stuck with the reptovite sprincled on her fruits and veggies, and this too has seemed to work. I haven't tried any of the special recipies like leadbeaters mix mostly because I don't want Clowie to become dependant on such a specific type of food as I have heard some peoples gliders do. I am going to start building her a new and improved cage soon as we are moving, but for the time being, she is happy and all is well. I take her around almost everywhere I go, and normally she is content to sleep in my pocket. She is still not willing to jump far, and I have not seen her glide. IS THIS OKAY FOR A NINE MONTH OLD GLIDER? I capitalized that to draw attention for any who are skimming. Here are my questions....
: -Where can I get a glider appropriate running wheel or directions on making one?
: -how can I help her to start gliding without scaring the living bejezus out of her?
: -And Finally, does anyone know where I can find a list of, or simply a contact for, any breeders in the St. Louis area. I dont want to go to a pet store, both because of bad things I've heard about and also due to their ridiculous price. I don't think 250$ sounds like a good price, but I NEED a companion for my Clowie....
: Thanks in advance!! :)

My little girl Wickit is 7months oop. It took her awhile to even hope. She was scared to do anything but walk, and run reall fast.
The hopping she started to do finially on her own. The gliding she almost refused to do. She's get close enough to what ever she wanted to be
on and then hope to it. So I start to pick her up, and hold my hand about 10 to 12 inchs above a pillow in the middle of my bed.
Then I would nudge her off my hand. Then she turned into velcro. So I held her over the pillow again and let her go. I did that couple time
to show her she wouldn't hurt herself. I did that couple times in one week, and then she would start to jump/glide to thing that were close, but
to far away to hop too. Now....she can pin point me from across the room, get high enough and glide to me. More like scared me to death.
She does this when I walk into the room. Some people say you should just let them learn on their own, and some say you can help them along.
I helped her a long. Good luck with Clowie.

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