Subject: Re: on the road again....
Posted by Bourbon on July 15, 1999 at 04:39:35:

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: *bonding pouch has no top... what if she jumps out?
you must be glider aware be sure you wear a shirt over the top of the bonding pouch, and this really depends on how well she has bonded with you..Mine explore the car while I am on long trips, the average is about 7 hours for me, so many times we are in the wake up period.

: *will she handle ok for that amount of time?
Are you talking here about the 4 hours? well she should handle as well as she would whether you were on a trip or not. For instance, do you take her with you when you run errands all day? how does she handle then??

: *will she freak out when her cage has a new scent from being in my vehicle?
That usually doesn't bother them, but i am concerned here, as to has she ever been in your vehicle yet? have you tried small daytime local trips with her yet? Mine love the idea of haveing their cage in the car in the evening hours, that way when they are done playing, they know where to go..

: *is there such a thing as gliders being stressed/overwhelmed from meeting tons of people at once?
Yes sometimes it is overwhelming for them, especially around a lot of new people all at once.. we call that "coming undone" we try to keep them so they are still in our pockets, (or pouch) when others view them, and not allow a bunch of strange scents, hands, faces, sounds all at once..

Good Luck...

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