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: i know about all that...the store i was talking about is here in CT where i live now....but am looking at maybe moving to NY...i did find a couple vets up there...but still need ot talk and investigate them some before i make a descission as to what i will do...also turns out i'm considering staying in the military now.....if i do i would need to get rid of them anyway.....

: also i talked ot the store...and they let me see how they keep their seemed really nice...i stopped in unannounced so know they had no way of knowing i was coming to clean it up......there where several cages with a couple gliders was in an aquarium, but only due to them thinking he might have been sick.....if i do have to get rid of my babies i think that store would be the best home for them around here. well i'll keep everyone posted....take care and have a fine glider day.
: dom

Hi my name is nikki. If you have to get rid of them, e-mail me. I would be willing
to take them. Putting them into a pet store after you've had them in your home, might
stress them. Plus if they have that many glider at the pet store, you'll only add
to the numbers that aren't egtting sold. Please e-mail so we can talk.

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