Subject: Re: Roll call...
Posted by Kristi on July 15, 1999 at 18:02:52:

In Reply to: Roll call... posted by Ms. Shell on July 13, 1999 at 20:23:50:

:Hi I'm 32 I live in Medford OR, I have two female sugar gliders and one jealous boyfriend.(can't ride in the bra pouch)I am a Barista. I am a bit fanatical about gliderproofing as I now have what I call a short tongue possum due to an accident.(Smudge) Then I have Jiggy her sister better known in these parts as BADATUDE or Bad butt.
I used to be a cat person then I met a glider.I have no other animals and probably never will due to an acute obsession with my babies!
Any-one else?

I was just over at Acme Exotic page, and they were doing a little roll call. Like Cheri said, there are alot of new "faces" here, and I thought it would be fun if we all introduced ourselves and told a bit about our gliders! :)
: I am 27, female, living in Utah with my hubby and three kids, two gliders, and two cats. Next?

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