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: I am 33, living in New England with my husband, working in a biotech company. I have no human kids but I have eight chinchillas and four gliders plus currently two that I am babysitting for a couple of months. I have had my original glider Luci and Bubba (Lucifer and Beelzebub) for just short of four years. I have rescued eight gliders in my time. I do not assume that I know anything but try to keep learning as I feel that there are many gray areas with these animals. I dedicate to my pets and feel that I owe them a happy healthy home for the whole of their lives. I am well known for getting mad at people if they do not show the same dedication. I also created a page with the downsides of glider ownership. Many people see this as being unfair to gliders and accuse me of hating them rather than actually being done out of love for them. Therefore I am used to getting abuse but if I save a glider that is the main thing.
: : I was just over at Acme Exotic page, and they were doing a little roll call. Like Cheri said, there are alot of new "faces" here, and I thought it would be fun if we all introduced ourselves and told a bit about our gliders! :)
: : I am 27, female, living in Utah with my hubby and three kids, two gliders, and two cats. Next?

Jane I have had the pleasure of sharing my like with a glider only 4 months. Your "downside to gliders" was one of the first articles I read before I got my Sprinkles. I thank you and admire you for your work and dedication to this magnificent little creature. I am trying to learn as much as I can from others like yourself and all of those that have posted on this role call. I only discovered this page yesterday and have only gotten as far as your response and decided I too had to respond to the role call

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