Subject: Cynthia is in the Hospital.. Please Read..
Posted by Bourbon on July 17, 1999 at 20:12:59:

I recieved this email from Chuck and Cynthia on July 9th 1999.

Hello My Friends:
This is to let you know that I am in the hospital.

Pitt County Memorial, room # North 457 Phone number,,,252-816-9933

{Note from Chuck} They found the problem that
has been causing her such pain recently.
There is a perforation in either her stomach,
or her bowel. It has formed a largish abcess.
A drain has been inserted, and it is being
dealt with. Due to her compromised immune
system, repairs will be put off until infection
danger is minimised. Please wish her well, she
has a ways to go with this yet. Chuck }

I am sorry to send you such greetings and even more apologetic that this
note has to be so general. I would much rather send to each of you a
personal note, but this is the easiest way for Chuck to let you all know
that I have been admitted. That's ADmitted and not COMmitted for those of
you who really know me well.
Hopefully I will be with you all again soon.


I then recieved this update from Chuck on July 11th, 1999

Hi Folks,
This is to let you know that Cynthias stay
in the hospital will be more extended than usual.
About the end of the week they will do an endoscopy procedure to determine
the location
of the damage. Depending on the findings, they
will decide what surgery if any is needed.
So she'll be there at least this week, and
possibly longer.
Thanks for the well wishes.


I talked with Chuck on the phone on July 16th, 1999 here is what he told me..

He said they were running more tests, which is why he wasn't there with her, He also said they found another abcess and he doesn't see her coming home any time too soon.. He said she needs all the prayers and well wishes that are available to her.. He also said he doesn't feel good about them operating on her if it comes to that..

I talked with her today on the 17th, She said the Doctor told her it was a miracle she had made it this far, she said she is in Surgical ICU and under orders from her DR. she is not to be moved to another room. If you want to send a card, or a green basket, I am sure that it will be well apreciated, Our prayers are staying firm and we all know that she is really missed here, now we all need to let her know it too..

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