Subject: Neutered, but quite active male???
Posted by Donna on July 19, 1999 at 04:58:50:

I have two sugar gliders. The female (Didjeri) is 20 months
old and her companion is her "little" brother (Pogo) who
is 12 months old, but considerably larger than Didjeri. Pogo
was neutered last September, but is quite sexually
aggressive with Didjeri when she is in heat.

Every two months, Didjeri will spend approximately 24
hours crying and barking, seemingly in distress. The first
time this happened, I took her to a vet thinking that she
was sick and in pain. As this continued to happen and
formed a pattern, I began to realize that she was in heat
and that this must be normal behavior because at the same
time, Pogo will persist in mounting her, while she
is crying and barking and looking at me with those big
eyes to rescue her. As Pogo gets older he is able to
maintain a hold on her for longer periods of time while
poor Didjeri looks just miserable and is trying to fight
her way loose from him.

This only happens for 24 hours and then everything is back
to normal and they are happy companions again!

I am just surprised that even though the male is neutered,
he still continues the mating behavior. Is this normal?
(The testicles were removed, it was not a vasectomy)

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