Subject: Depressed???
Posted by sadie on July 19, 1999 at 08:42:47:

I had taken Princess on a road trip home this weekend, it went really well, and she got along great with my family... we played lots! Although, when I began to put her back in her cage to go home, she fought, bit (VERY hard) and crabbed at me like crazy. After that she was ok and she handled the drive well. Once I got her into my house and settled her back into her cage, she was mean. She was very hasty about me even putting my hands by her, which isn't normal. So, I just left her some food and let her go to bed. She had a very active day. When I left her, she was sitting on one of the bars in the cage, when I woke up several hours later, she was still sitting right there. Her food was untouched, and she acted very fragile. I am really concerned about her.
Other things she had been doing, when I tried to hand feed her a treat (she likes raisens) she just shook her head around it. It felt like she tried to take a bit but couldnt. She acted very strange.

Do you think she is depressed? Sick? or just hurt her teeth from biting me so hard? I don't know what to do, she worries me so much. I am going to see about getting another glider this week, so she has someone to connect with all of the time, but is that the only problem?

I am going to contact a vet, and get an appointment, but I would really appreciate some feedback.

Thanks very much everyone.

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