Subject: Me again!!
Posted by Heather on July 19, 1999 at 09:43:21:

Hi everyone! Well, it's been awhile, but here I am again! Just thought I'd provide a little update :)

Hmmmmm....well, since the breeders posted here that they were going to refund me, I haven't heard a thing about it. I'm hoping they were being honest and not just trying to get me to shut up. Hehehe...hopefully I'll get ahold of them today and find out if its on its way. Also, I remembered a couple weeks ago that I ALSO bought food from them which was supposed to be sent to me-- I never got it. UGH, I really can't wait for this all to be done and over with.

As far as adopting a glider goes, I think I've found someone I can get one from. There's a woman here who my mother works with, and she's got a pair of gliders--one of which is pregnant! So if I'm lucky, I'll get that baby when it's ready. I DEFINITELY will be making sure it's old enough!!

Well, anyway, thanks for listening! I'll keep ya posted :)

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