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: I know its the 75/25 thing, but when your dealing with the food i don't get it. Is it three pieces of fruit to one cricket? How much fruit and the whole cricket? Someone please help me out. Also, is gliderade necessary? Thanks. Later,
: Rye

Their are so many different diets. This is what I give my gliders.

leadbeaters---loves it to death
2 grapes slices in half
a slice of apple pealed
orange slices cut up
cucumbers--loves it to death
one of these, pear, peach, cherry, cantolope, watermelon.
2or3 mealworms each.

I try to give them different types of food. I thought about it one night.
How much I would hate it if I got the same food night after night.
I change the food around. I also sometimes feed them, white fish--plain,
boiled shrimp--plain, crab legs--plain. They love seafood. onec in awhile
they'll somehow get into the contain of nuts I have, and pig out.>sigh<
Oh...forgot...they LOVE...and I mean LOVE sweet corn. Hope this helps you out
some. I've got healthy, happy gliders. :) Good Luck

Nikki, Wickit, and Little Bit

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