Subject: Cynthia Update
Posted by Bourbon on July 21, 1999 at 20:18:42:

I recieved this letter from Chuck regarding Cynthias current condition..

Hello, folks.
Out gal is still in the hospital. She appreciates the calls and flowers. I
would like to point out to you generous people that she
loves living things, and flowers are no exception. However, CUT flowers she
considers dead or dying. A potted plant is much more
welcome, especially as she can plan where to
put it when she gets home. On the medical front, the latest CAT scans
shows that the battle against the abscess is going well. Definite improvement there.
However, (there's always a however, isn't there?), other news isn't so good. It appears
as though there may be a tumor in her bowel. They are planning to do upper and lower scopes
on her Wens. and if this mass looks cancerous will probably go directly to surgery. Otherwise
they plan to do repairs on Thursday. Her easily accessed veins are tired of
IVs so she now has a central tube inserted into a vein. Now they will be able to feed her
directly. Not having eaten or drunk anything in ten days, she is becoming malnourished.
She has probably met the dietitians goal for her weight.
It doesn't appear as though she will be coming home soon, folks. Your well
wishes help, and those who want to call are very welcome.
Her phone number is (252) 816-9933. Please don't make them long, as she tires and gets
short of breath, not to mention that her throat gets dry. Wouldn't yours, with nothing
to drink for over a week? I'll put out another update towards the
end of the week. Please pass the word to any friend you know who is not on this address

Thanks for everything,

Pitt County Memorial Hospital
Greenville, N.C. USA.
Room # North 457
Phone # 252-816-9933


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