Subject: Vitamin and Mineral Supplements....PLEASE advise.
Posted by sadie on July 23, 1999 at 09:07:02:

I was at a pet store the other day and it was recommended that I buy a parot vitamin and mineral stick for my gliders. The girl there told me its the only way to get selenium into their diet, adn they use it for their personal diets. I went ahead and got it for Princess and Wesley, and they love it! What I am concerned about is them getting too much of a good thing. I am not currently sprinkling any vitamins on their dinner, but i do serve lots of fruits, veggies, leadbeaters, adn the occasional chicken. i am also going to start giving them crickets or mealworms... which is easier to watch them eat? Will i need to adjust their diet then? I know that eating too much vitamin and minerals... protien especially can cause hind leg paralysis... the very last thing i want my gliders to experience.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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