Subject: Re: WEIGHT
Posted by Tiffany on July 23, 1999 at 11:41:13:

In Reply to: WEIGHT posted by ANDIE on July 23, 1999 at 10:36:58:

Gliders are like people in that their weighs vary greatly. The ISGA says an adult glider should weigh between 90-130 grams...I think that's between 3 and 6 ounces. If you take your glider to a knowledgable vet, they should be able to look
at the glider and ascertain whether he is on track.

Sorry, don't know about the other thing!
:) Tiffany

: My almost 8 month old male weighs 3.04 ounces (just weighed today). Is this normal? Does anyone know what the average male glider is suppose to weigh? Also, he was just neutered. Will there be any weight gain or loss do to this procedure? Thanks for all the great advise!!!

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