Subject: going out
Posted by Kembar on July 23, 1999 at 21:53:03:

Okay... so I like to take my gliders with me whenever I can. So, I was out with my brother and my timid female glider. I didn't expect to be out for too long... but, we broke down. Thankfully, it wasn't too major. We were right in front of a grocery store, but it was about an hour before we were able to head home, and it was so hot my clothes were damp from sweat(yeah, Im sure ya'll wanted to know that) Anywho, I was lucky enough to find a box and a dish to put water in for my glider. If we had been stranded in the middle of no where... I dunno what I would have done. So, Iv decided that from now on, a small travel cage, dish, and bottled water will all be part of my travelling(even for a few hours) with my gliders. I mean, it was totally unexpected.. and it was SO hot... I think it was around 100 degrees outside... So... yeah.

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